Chuck Yeager, first pilot to break sound barrier, has died at age 97


We're talking about sam sheppard because the former. Us air force officer died yesterday at the age of ninety seven talking about chuck yeager on october fourteenth nineteen forty seven yeager became the first pilot to break the speed of sound as he flew the experimental bell x one rocket plane over morocco. Dry lake in california. He said the ride was nice. Just like riding fast in a car. The pilot later commanded fighter squadrons in germany and south east asia during the vietnam war and was promoted to brigadier general in nineteen sixty nine. Yeager was awarded the silver star the distinguished flying cross the bronze star the air medal and the purple heart president harry. Truman awarded him. The collier air trophy in december of nineteen forty eight for his breaking the sound barrier he also yeager received the presidential medal of freedom in one thousand nine hundred eighty five wants reflecting on his life accomplishments. Yeager said quote. I was just lucky kid who caught the right ride. Incredible life joe. Before he broke the sound barrier he was a fighter pilot in world war. Two joined out of high school grew up in west. Virginia flew missions over western. Europe was shot down in. France escaped with help from the french resistance into spain. Truly truly an extraordinary almost cinematic life that he lived and just an extraordinary life. If you haven't seen the right stuff the movie take some time out and watch. Leave it or not. I have just an extraordinary story about an extraordinary

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