Your top 2020 questions: 'How do I unmute?'

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Our series on the most asked questions of the year. Michelle multi who is the managing editor for consumer tech at usa. Today is here with me and we're going to have some fun with easily hands down. The most asked question the year which is hey. How do i mute myself on zoom right michelle. I think that's the phrase of two thousand twenty year muted. Yes and just give me a second. Give me a second. i'll get there. It's not a hard thing. Why was it so hard for so many people. Do you think you know you forget the conversations that you have. You don't really have a button before you need to speak And i think the flip side is forget to themselves. I was in a meeting recently with a heavy typer. And i believe this heavy type or thought. He was on mute Thank goodness that's all we heard. It could have been so much worse but but it's unnatural for for folks to keep muting themselves when they're when they're typically used to just speaking. The good news is once you figure it out. You're able to do other things while you're in the meeting because they're not hearing you. Yes so it's so it's a very important thing to learn. Jefferson one of the things that i have mastered. Now that i am and i probably shouldn't tell my secrets but now that i'm home schooling my kids and in meetings at the same time i've mastered the art of the mute and hand before your mouth screaming kids and nobody notices but you gotta make sure that mute button is working And for all those people who've had a hard time is all you gotta do bottom of the screen audio. Click the button butte on mute. It's not hard. Just but you know. I would always recommend for anybody who does have trouble with zoom or the other video meetings before you have the meeting like an hour ahead of time two hours the day before. Figure it out play with the program. Click all the buttons figure out where everything is. It'll be much more relaxing for you to go through the process then in the heat of the moment when you know you have this big meeting coming up absolutely absolutely attest run is a key thing and if by chance you're accustomed to one program and you're doing an interview or a program in another again like jefferson said. Give it a test run. Don't assume you know zoom versus google meat versus webex. The most asked question of the year hardaway on mute.

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