Brexit: what would no deal mean for the art market?


I'm joined by two experts to discuss where we are with brexit and how it will affect the market and for this episode work of the week the curators never wakefield tells us about the planks made by john mccracken. You suddenly gained a new audience because he was initially remained to be behind that shiny monolith in the utah desert before that. The holidays are two weeks away so why not gift. A subscription to the newspaper you can save up to forty percent when you buy a subscription for a friend colleague or indeed for yourself between the digital only subscription full and immediate access to a website an app or the complete subscription all the benefits of the digital only subscription plus the monthly printed newspaper delivered direct to. You do go to the art newspaper. Dot com and click on the subscribe. Link the top left of the page now despite the coronavirus pandemic the uk Fast to its intention to strike a trade deal with the european union by the end of twenty twenty so talks intensified over recent weeks but at the time of recording no deal has been struck and the uk and remain far apart according to us your phone delay and the president of the european commission the worst case scenario unless you a hard line. Brexit camp owner is deal and that remains a possibility but how autrey be affected to find out i asked the writer and art market specialist ivan question and former. Mvp current chief executive of the british chamber of commerce in brussels daniel donaldson daniel before we talk specifically about the art trade and brexit's effects. Let's let let's get a state of play. Where do you see the negotiations now. Well i'm actually still pretty positive. I think actually more or less the deal is done. The question now is how will that date is choreographed. On both sides of the channel to ensure the politically they can get through on both sides. So i actually think the deal was probably more or less agreed at the start of the week. The question now is the uk gay some concessions on northern ireland earlier in the week. I think that was the first stage. The prime minister met with commissioner of on the land on wednesday night. And i think that also was the next stage of of Of this i think you will find that. The eu will grant some concessions on the level playing field over the weekend and the uk will grant some concessions on fish. I'm then. I think we will more or less dale semi. That's the feeling that the Getting in brussels now this could all still Blow up You know the politics of this is still very very delicate. But i think contrary probably what you you see in in some of the media online. Pretty confident that we're still on course for a deal early next week. What do you make these contingency announcements from the that. We're talking on thursday lunchtime in the uk and this morning. The have set out some some aspects of sort of contingency planning. I suppose the portents of that suggests that that no deal was more likely but do you think that's a bit of a smokescreen. Then i think the you is just covering it. It's back because it did the same thing before march last year when when there was the first deadline anthony e you needs to make sure from its point of view that certain things can continue in the case of no deal so for example. Airline routes can continue. Some of these sort of things need to be done so these are more or less the same contingency measures that they put in place just over a year ago when we had that first potential Deal situation. i'm i do think also that You know given the fact that this is going roy down to the wire at this puts a little bit more pressure on the uk to make sure that you know if they were gonna be concessions made. They need to be made very soon. Okay i've what do you think the chief concerns of the art trade are what what information do they need. And what guarantees. They need for this to be something that will stop panic and allow them to continue to trade in the way that they would like to. So i've actually been speaking to people on the ground on what we've been getting a lot. Actually in the market media is A lot of detailed from trade associations and from lawyers and shippers. And that's what we haven't been getting is what is happening on the ground. How do people feel so. That's what i've been focusing on and actually the biggest thing is obviously uncertainty. The most interesting thing to me was. I couldn't find any panic anywhere

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