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But what really seems to have angered. Google is an email to neat. Wrote in an internal group in the company called google brain women allies there. She vented her frustration with what happened with the paper and what she saw as lip service to diversity. I have written so many documents. I mean like i wrote a billion documents had a billion meetings. They just tire you out. They meet with you over and over again. They feel good about themselves for meeting with you. They don't do anything and then if it if you try to push them on it or tell them they're doing something wrong. They told police. This has happened to me so many times. There is nothing in place for the here. Right now that incentivizes them to do something different so we can write as many documents as you want. But as long as there's like no incentive for the leaders to do anything differently this documents not gonna help meetings. They're not gonna help. Nothing's going to help. So that's why. I was saying you should focus on leadership accountability. Do you think it was the email that got dismissed or the paper their reasoning what to terminate me quote unquote immediately was the email and people in that. Email list are terrified. Now they're just like terrified to say anything because mind you. This email list was created to. It's called brain women and allies women and allies. This is an email list for women and their allies to discuss the problems in this department with respect to diversity inclusion to push back slightly. I feel like any company reading this kind of you know semi public internal discussion. Might say okay. If that's the way you feel you're done here. No that doesn't make sense to me like this. Email list is to have an internal discussion about what to do better so what to do better. After i've seen all of these women spending their own time their own time. They're not hired to ride these documents. This is not their job. Their job is to be research scientists. They're spending their own free time writing these documents pointing out issues and nobody's listening to them. I didn't make this email public. I didn't leak it to the press. I didn't go say here is an indictment of google. This is an internal mailing list created specifically for the purpose of talking about the issues related to win right. If leaders are not whole held accountable. Nothing is going to change. This is not the first time that venting on internal google message. Boards has ruffled management feathers. Last year the company created a new policy cracking down on political discussions in internal groups and google. Employees have repeatedly staged walkouts to protest sexual harassment lack of diversity and the company working on what they see as unethical projects. Where do you think. The line is at google between the intellectual and collegial freedom to have these kinds of discussions and maybe the corporate culture not to say them to publicly or too loudly. I don't even think this is corporate culture. I think this is. We had a research all hands. After the george floyd protests where we were so Crying people were so emotional there. We're like pleading with them to do something different. Because we are so exhausted we outlined a bunch of principles that we call nothing about us without the number one thing we said was psychological safety. We need to have psychological safety in order to talk about the issues. If you don't even have the psychological safety to discuss what you're what you're facing then. There is no way to even move forward. There's no way to fix your your company's culture speaking of leaders and accountability. What do you make of sundar. Pichai apology or maybe. Let's call it a statement where he says. We need to accept responsibility for the fact that a prominent black female leader with immense talent left. Google unhappily yeah. It feels like there's so much gymnastics there. Well this is what i make of it. They would have looked bad if they didn't make a statement. They still look bad after making that statement. They're basically saying we apologize for the backlash because we're we're not happy about the backlash because the backlash means. Oh you're questioning whether you're you're you still have a place at google. The google walkout showed how toxic hr was at google right. A lot of women said that their number one issue as the hr department itself they. They're not there at all to to support women there to basically to ensure that there are the least number of losses for the company. They're not going to try to make the company culture better leave. Part of sundar pichai is statement. Says it's important to me that are black women and underrepresented google irs. No that we value you and you do belong.

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