Vox Media Publisher Melissa Bell on recent departures and future content


Okay let's get into welcome. Melissa thanks for taking the time happy to be here always enjoy the digital passed so last month bucks co medical esiason as recline as well as vox editor in chief larne williams announced. They're leaving bucks. So what's going on a box. You know it's a it's a story that's a little bit about fox could also just think this is a major europe change. You spoke a little bit about the founding of ox. We started almost seven years ago. We'll have our seventh anniversary in march this this next year and it's been an incredible period of growth for us i think particularly over the last three years We really expanded into the multimedia platforms that. You're talking about television in podcast. Obviously our newsroom grew as well. And it's been fantastic to watch this growth. But i think this year with everything in change in and everyone kind of considering their next steps. I think individually as romance and lauren all in conversations with me realized that they were ready for different step in their careers and similarly i think fox is ready for a different step in its direction in twenty twenty one and it aligns really to sort of say okay. Let's make this. Let's make some big significant changes all at once and let's move forward into into a new era. Vox they have all been huge instrumental. Parts of oxen have really left their imprint. On it and i'm really grateful for all they've done but i'm also excited for what's to come next. And there's some precedent for this. Because then i think it was. Twenty seventeen was when as a became editor at large. That was. Lauren was promoted to editor in chief and that seemed to coincide with also something of a new era for box like today explained. Hadn't launched yet. The netflix show explained watching. I think a year later so like with this now. Kind of that precedent being set. What are you expecting for the next era. Vox what's going to be different about fox in two thousand twenty one. Yeah i don't want to ever speak for Think it's a really interesting story. A bit In his in his decisions what he's always done. And i think that this is this is evident two thousand seventeen and evident now is that he and matt and i came up with a strong idea about what fox could try to solve for audiences. We really knew that there was there was something that we needed to help with journalism overall. But what we sound is that having others come in and take that sort of seed of an idea and build something invariably ends up with amazing incredible work. And i think that when ezra step back in two thousand seventeen he did so purposely to let someone like lauryn williams take the helm and lead. Vox into sort of this next generation. And you see the you see the impact that she had Over the last few years. And i think what we're looking for is to find some new folks who are ready to be those new leaders in taking different directions. We also i think have created space internally for a lot of the really talented people we have to step up and take box into different directions today. Explain you mentioned is is our daily podcast and i think it's a great example. We hired sean. Rahm ashore are host to create something. That really gets out what we want. Vox to be at its very best. Something that Jewels deep into stories of the day But does so in a way that is that takes topics seriously but artiste itself too seriously that brings both joy and understanding to its audience. And that's not something that i could have ever come up with. That's not something that could have ever come up with. That's really something that sean developed with his tastic team and i just you know i've always found that if you give creators space to do great work. They're great work will accomplish in so we're looking forward to that in the next

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