Smokey Robinson's mispronunciation of Chanukah has gone viral


An an an embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing hoops hoops hoops for for for the the the so so so called called called miracles miracles miracles man. man. man. Smokey Smokey Robinson Robinson is is apologizing apologizing for for a a mispronunciation mispronunciation that's gone viral video message to fan at the request of her son to wish you happy Chanukah. I have no idea what you nuka is but happy Chanukah because they said, So Anyway. Publish it, babe and enjoy Chanukah. Have a wonderful time. Jacobson's mom grew up on the same street as Robinson in Detroit Fans are defending the 80 year old music legend. Blaming the Hanukkah spelling with a C. H. Smokey says that in the spirit of 2020, he's ready for a do over Debra Rodriguez CBS News So the

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