A highlight from Prememento #135: Season 4 Episode 14 - Joe Kinnear


Contracts let me the sometimes struggle for them but sometimes i have to phone inspiration. I have to be less. What's the word specific the details because this was joined the scotland guide so caught up. But this is good. Issued cross there are many things the we have who you want bigger. There are many experiences. That we all being durham experiences that we're not having this particular football season Good football podcast. Not being one of them because you obviously have swamp but in terms of not being the ground and obviously the reliance on watching on tv being so across the board based is not just simply restrict into those funds that actually ever stepped foot in stadium. No not just sign up because an not just restricted to those are able to step foot into the stadium so within that comes tom little thing and we did not. We did not the wrestling new season. Things that are thrown off something on you. See something that i think. Everyone is used to certain degree because fundamentally we have all lives that we live and they're going to be watched. Two occasions web weber. We can't necessarily watch the football to the degree with which we may possibly torch every game. So this is speaking. God's maha well meaning while i'm trying to say he's every now and then there's a game where you've either got on pole is to Very festival appropriateness. All your recording a game on. You're watching it in retroactive. After the fat roy. I'll do with point number so fast because this is something that happens to be fairly. Recently recording of games is something as someone that used to work in a catering profession if you want to call. I was a terrible person. His while i'm trying to say i would have to because of horrible horrible record. Signed game so taking place especially the ones in week and then watched them what hun and trying to do that he such moines 'field of doing it bolsa bolsa walking public place where people will be talking about the game on. You're trying to avoid the school loans. So for the first little soit way segment of these intro. I'm gonna delve into the world of troy to avoid spoilers football matches that are already taking place and he's very frustrating is incredibly tricky as well in time of especially modern day with a one day smartphones. Such so old because sickly. If you're in that situation you are resigning yourself to you. Have con-going apps as the kids called gen. Generally in terms of what a games going on involved your team you can generally tell if it's going well or badly depending on how many messages you get. The vibrations jet january two more messages. You have the worst. It's going for your team. Usually the way it goes.

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