Am I Good Enough with ILL TONE


Already, one welcome to the addicted mind podcast a great guest today. His name is Chris Hamilton also known as Il Tone in the hip hop scene. Chris, introduce yourself a what's going on. Dwayne, thanks for having me on this show. My name is Chris Obviously. As DWAYNE is introduced I go by the name of ill tone and I may get off artists slash music producer from Vancouver island on the West. coast. Of Canada a right. So you I think you reached out to me and you said, Hey, I have this music I'm in recovery I have a story to tell so I clicked on your links I listen to your music I. Loved it. I thought it was great and I said Man I I WanNa have Chris on the show I wanted to. Share his story and his passion and I could tell in your songs. There's just a lot of thought and there's recovery in them. I guess I should say so tell me a little bit about your story and how this all started. So I grew up in a relatively small town on bank hoover island here it's called the Komax Valley. It's actually an amalgamation of three small towns that together comprise one region and I always found that growing up the age old story of not having enough to do in a small town. You, know I played sports I had I. You know my whole family was around and stuff like that. But I was constantly complaining about how they're. I was nothing to do and I mean there's always something to do when it comes down to vote doors override or something but the town that I'm from is riddled with substance abuse issues. So at early age, you know about each eleven twelve I started drinking. I found right away. The powerlessness aspect of my diction was prevalent right off the Bat. I was always the first starts the last stop and the most terrible feeling the next day. But the most willing to go back out and do it again, and that's sad as powerless as it gets. When you know I, just I hate doing it but right away, I'm still perpetuating this addictive cycle. So I started smoking pot to in addition to the alcohol that was consuming I went from being a straight a student who played lots of sports to being a straight C student who played none. had behavioral problems all throughout school mainly high school on that culminated with me being expelled for biting and another thing that was happening around that time was I realized that I was identifying as being bisexual Ryo to make worse for me internally I'm in I'm in a small Redneck town I'm struggling with chemical dependency and I feel that there's no nobody that I can come out of the closet insured this wet. So that was a big part of as wall. I struggled with social anxiety as well, and I felt that the alcohol specifically and later the harder drugs like cocaine ecstasy things like that were away for me to actually become my actual self I say that in quotations. Yeah for sure I wasn't afraid to tell people about You know I wasn't afraid to cut loose to tell jokes to you know hang around with my friends and I introduce myself to New People through parties and things like that whereas I was shy and reserved when when I was sober Angry shine reserved as sober by funding outgoing I wasn't, and so this continued as a cycle throat high school got worse and worse like I said culminated with knee being expelled from school for biting and through all this I found a love for hip hop music. I'd heard hip hop music and loved how how expressive that was lyrically the average hip hop. Some is a law or lyrics than there are in any. Other Genre Newsweek, and I found that these rappers that I was listening to at the time were talking vote a struggle. It didn't matter what it was. Their struggles were much much different from mine but they were talking about some aspect of struggle I thought that I could relate to and so while I started writing mainly just for fun that was always a constant source of inspiration for me one of the few things that I still Enjoy doing after having given up the sports and you know school having flunked out a bit and having been expelled. There were two things. One was positive. It was the music and one was negative. It was the substance abuse

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