Heather Robertson Wants You To Be The Stylist You Were Born To Be!


Now moving into today's podcast. We have got home have a Robinson on the show and have her is recognized as one of Scotland's leading Educators and Bridal hair Specialists within the hairdressing industry and you can find Heather online at HR hair. Co. Uk, but ever came to my attention during the first lock down. The reason she came to our attention was that she was creating some incredible lives on the Weller Global community and her stars are brighter. What was brilliant and looking deeper into heaven. I checked out so much of a work. I was really inspired what she was I loved the way she presented but what really grabbed my attention with her was that she was running a salon confidence club and this is about teaching hairdressers how to actually develop their confidence that really shocked the coughing. Maybe cuz I've been somebody that maybe has had passed worries of certain hairstyles or dealing with certain clients and your confidence can really wobble. We all know if your confidence looks a bit wobbly in front of a client and that can happen real knock-on effect for you working with that client. So that's what we're going to dive into with this episode today have us going to talk us around how you can develop your confidence. We're going to get Heather's back storage and we're also going to hear how she really wasn't interested in being a salon and why she wanted to be a freelance hair stylist educator. And also what is great in this episode is how much of a geek she is home address in and to hear people really passionate and see her dressing as a hobby. It's so inspiring and I think as we head now here in England into our second lockdown, I think it's now the time to really connect with who you want to be as a hairdresser go in forward. So I think you'll get loads out of it. And remember at the end of this we are going to drop off into the extra shows if you want an extra show remember page On. Com slash how to cut it. So let's get into this interview with today's guest have a Robinson. Welcome to the podcast ever. Hello, how you doing? I'm all right. Let's give a heads-up who you got in the background. You've got some company there tonight. Yeah, I've got login in the background now Logan is about going off all of them. Now if you watch Heather's lives. Yeah Logan has become the superstars the lives and this is f as dog by the way, and yeah, he was he was chilling out earlier when he having a good snort. Yeah. So in the background as always, it's like every time I go live if such stolen I'm like, I don't always try to tell me a little bit. So come on in have a there's a beautiful Scottish accent there firstly song Long listeners around the world. They want to know where abouts in Scotland are you from so I'm from Glasgow. I'm still in Glasgow. Just got Morgan Heard the door. It's fair to go through Thursday is by the way, you could see Logan in the background just a little wander around. Yeah, so I'm in Glasgow and I'm based in Glasgow snacks as possible. Yeah, it's quite yes. It's a little bit. Texas so we're going to today really I want to learn a lot more about you ever because I know so much about you yet. I feel like I know so little about you as well and I think for our listeners but the actual title we going with with this one today is be the bad a stylist you were born to be and I really want to jump into confidence as a hairdresser and how yeah because naturally we all just in addresses are super confident wage, but we're not and I want to go into that but first up just give us a background to you yourself at the hairdresser and the educator that you are so dead silent test for Life vests make an celebrating a thirty years in hairdressing since I went and got my first start to get old job, but I should have I know I can't believe it's not long and I'm not I've grown up enough to get it that long and but I have I've been a free-lance educator for the last four years as coming up to and pring. Is two that I was a full-time well educated as well. I still freelance in a silent a couple of days and a solid know and I feel as forging the soldier about three lines to work for Whaler and I Ramon courses and do and sell and training for silence as well. So you are a perfect example of somebody that works in a very you're not just doing the one part of hairdressing here, which I think is really interesting to hear isn't it? That is quite diverse when you say what you do. Yeah. I like have them back all the one left out as well because unfortunately it's not prominent just no but I'm also part of our wedding company too. So one of my friends just got our wedding can't lease or purchase required me to kind of like high-end weddings for like American guests coming over to get married in the Scottish castles. So yeah, I've got a little bit of everything. Unfortunately. It's it's a little bit quiet or Not Dead. Just now so when you say wedding here because you are multi-talented and I know I mentioned in the pre r i mean you've won so many various Awards having you just again, just listen this through some of those awards that you bought one just because I want to set up the you know, who you are to our listeners. And it's it's more more sleeping within the the whale education sites. So I've won three awards for real education. So of one field technician of the Year back in 2009 and that you also one overall technician of the years of technical educator and then I'll one field technician of the Year again in 2012, which was great home and and I also from that we got to go to Malta and that was voted one of the top three and email which was like year of Middle Eastern Asia, but it went to someone else so I thought it was so great to the nominated. So

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