Dominating in Sex and Dating feat. Shan Boodram - burst 06

Girls Gotta Eat


Like how can how dare you compare the show sexist sitting gossip girl how dare you? I'm just honesty. So offended by it, it's not edgy. There's SORTA surprising moments I. Texted you I was like Oh she's having facetime snacks like sorta surprising but they almost feel misplaced because the rest of the show just isn't cool enough to support those moments. These contrive moments don't feel like they could ever happen on her. No, not that it's just like the show the show was Kinda cheesy like the tone I don't know how to describe it like I guess you could kind of compare it to younger. Again has the same creator as younger, but I think younger is so much whittier and so much better, and they might also just be compared to city because it has the same creator and same costume designer Patricia Field who also did Double Wars Prada but I personally think Sony the clothes and emily in Paris are so heinous there is just like so many bright colors in so many patterns and I know everything is designer. And I know people are like watching it for the fashion but I am not a fan and I loved the fashion in sex and the city w product and I, just don't think it compares at all and last thing and I'm GonNa say that she's also like an influence sir, and like the influence stuff is so dated and Corny like everytime she upload something to Instagram a little piece of me dies like it's like. Older people wrote this and I'm sure that they did like I know Darren Star is like an icon in creating these shows, but it still comes down to like the writers producers not just the Creator. I don't know I feel like they miss the mark.

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