Family feud boils over as two NFL players fight on field after game


Ramsey, we're gonna start here. Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate and the fight's on the field at so Fi, and Randy was calling it a little bit of a family feud this morning because Jalen Jalen used to date Golden sister and they have a couple of kids together. I mean, what's your take on that whole scene there? Well, you just gave me more information than I was aware of what it was. I thought it was all because of what happened out on the football field. I'm getting after the you know that you don't want this. Now I understand the temperament in the competitive major, both. He's got dynamic competitors. But that deed you did you just added biggie. I had no idea the dynamic that that you could bring a lot of the most into the table. Unfortunately, it happened in an NFL arena. And I'm sure commissioner as well as the Rams. They're gonna have to deal with it somehow.

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