Kingship Belongs to the Lord (Psalm 22:27-28)


So we're GONNA. Start. Today with Psalm Twenty Two verses twenty seven and twenty eight. This is the word of God. All the ends of the Earth shall remember and turn to the Lord. And all the families of the nation's shall worship before you. For kingship belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations. I remember vividly reading this chapter, these verses. On. The. Side of a mountain in the Himalayas. In the middle of unreached people's. Attention. Groups in a nation where there is so little access to the Gospel. And getting to verse twenty seven and just. Falling on my face on that mountainside as we see this promise, all the ends of the Earth shall remember and turn it a Lord and all the families of the nation. So worship for you to pray for all nations. To know Jesus as. And then to read Verse Twenty Eight for Kingship. So here's the declaration kingship belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations. So as we think about a presidential election electing someone to lead a country, it is so good to know that. The ultimate? King. The sovereign ruler is not up for election. He rains today, he will reign a month from now he will reign a year from now and ten trillion years from now he'll still be raining and he is good. He is the Lord. He is perfect. His holy he is just he is righteous. He is loving. He is a merciful. So. Let this song lead us to praise God as the king over. Any nation wherein and specifically for those of us who are living United States kingship belongs to the Lord God praise you as King Overall Genesis, we praise you as Lord Overall, all authority in Heaven and on Earth belongs to you. And one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that you are lord to the glory of God, the Father we exalt you are king, Our Lord, our ruler, the one who reigns over our lives, and this is where our hope is. Oh God. We put all our hope in you all our trust in you know who's going to get elected. We don't put our hope trust and who's going to get elected as the leader of our country. We trust in you as the leader of all things not just our country, the leader of our lives. Later of our families, the leader of the Church leader of the nation's we praise you and re you that you are the leader we need. New perfectly just. You're perfectly righteous. You Are Holy Holy Holy. You know world country of very imperfect. Candidates and imperfect leaders. There is no one compares with you Oh God. There is no one who compares with you Jesus in we are so thankful we find such refuge in your rain and your rule over all things we praise you that kingship belongs to you and you rule over the nation's you rule our nation gallery pray. I pray that you would bring many people. To, know you as king even during these days, you'd help us to proclaim you as king to have far more conversations during these days about you as the king we need. Then even the conversations we're having about who might vote for. God We. Pray the help us to point to you as king. We pray for that in the United. States we pray for that among all nations go re pray for the Aroma Gary People in Kenya. This molly people group about a million people. In Kenya got so few of them just a handful of them who may be followers Jesus God we pray that they would come to know Jesus is king. You would cause the gospel to spread to them. Oh God we praise you. GotTa help is to Make Your glory as king known in our nation in all nations as we pray like you taught us to pray Jesus our Father in heaven. Hallowed, be your name. Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven we praise you king. Over our nation and Omniscience in Jesus name we pray.

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