Doctors say Trump on steroid therapy, health improving after brief 'episodes'

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Have a better understanding tonight of why the president was flown to Walter, Reed Medical, center, late Friday and remains there tonight. To incidents when the president's blood oxygen level dropped the second time driving a change to his treatment plan president trump is now one of only a handful of patients in the world to receive a unique combination of three drugs including one that's experimental outside of a clinical trial, and despite everything I just said despite being ill with corona virus, the president this evening flouted many public health guidelines and left his hospital room to wave to supporters from his SUV. We're covering all the angles tonight we begin with. Kelly. O'Donnell. Outside Walter Reed Medical Center. Tonight, the world's most watched Kovic patient made a surprise. Move the masked president in the back seat driven by secret service to wave at supporters gathered outside the hospital. A brief visit he previewed in a new video message. I'm about to make a little surprise visit president returned to his hospital sweet hours after his doctors provided a dose of transparency the president's doctor acknowledged he had not revealed key information about danger signs in president trump's. President has experienced two episodes. A transient drops is oxygen saturation president trump's blood oxygen did fall to unsafe levels and his fever deemed high now being given a steroid typically used in serious cases did initiate deck Samatha Zone, therapy and he received his first dose of that yesterday in our plan is to continue that for the time being. Trump's lungs may show evidence of covid related effects were tracking all of that. There's some expected findings but nothing of any major clinical concerned despite ongoing treatment doctor said, the president may go home soon our hope is that we can plan for discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House where he can continue his treatment course. Today's medical briefing comes as White House credibility itself is ailing while doctors had emphasized a rosier outlook. The chief of staff gave a more troubling account of the president Friday. You had a fever at as blood oxygen level at dropped rapid. Saturday Dr Conley. Repeatedly refused to say the president was given supplemental oxygen Thursday. No oxygen none at this moment. Yeah, and yesterday with team while we were all here, he was not on oxygen but today a different story was concerned for possible rapid progression of the illness. I recommended the president we try some supplemental oxygen the President himself tries to project an image of recovery releasing photos and video taken inside Walter Reed it's. Very interesting journey I. Learned a lot about Kovin pressed about his failure to be more forthright Dr. Conley admitted this trying to reflect the the the upbeat attitude that the. Team the President of course of illness has had an in doing. So came off that we're trying to hide something it wasn't true.

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