Senior military officials quarantining after Coast Guard admiral tests positive for covid-19


Appears the Corona virus crisis he's spreading to the Pentagon. CNN's reporting. The top U. S. General Mark Millie and several members of the senior Pentagon leadership are now quarantining after a top Coast Guard official tested positive for Corona virus. This news comes as President Trump spends his first full day back of the executive match in the White House. After leaving Walter Reed Medical Center President Trump will continue Corona virus treatments at the White House and his doctors say he's not out of the woods yet. We know that first week people can have symptoms that can be serious, but they may they may be relatively milder than the second week when you suddenly get inflammation, this inflammatory phase and that's where people can really very quickly go south. The president's team has not shared some key details about his condition. In a new poll from Axios 23% of those surveyed say the president being covert positive makes them less likely to trust him to provide accurate Corona virus information. 17% say it makes them more likely to trust the president, CBS News correspondent Skylar Henry for us from the White House, the president's doctor says Mr Trump's vital signs. And physical exam remains stable and overall, the president continues to do extremely

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