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Kind of a side story that I'd never heard before and I happened to stumble across while noodling around on the internet in my research on the Chicago outfit. Now, we're going to kind of dip back into the hole in the wall gang a little bit and in regards to the Hole in the Wall Gang. I can't remember if I've said this or not. I had bought a telephone calls back and forth and and helped a guy named Ernie d'avino get connected up with a company that was trying to do a documentary on the Hole in the Wall Gang dead. Ernie died I just found out here recently. So he and Frank cullotta. They were both in the Hole in the Wall Gang. They both claimed credit for starting the Hole in the Wall Gang and I'll tell you right now they didn't really like each other. They didn't really know each other later in life. But see Ernie never broke her knee took the hit and did some time out of that birth escaped her that night and he actually went to Tony Spilotro his trial testified that don't cilantro didn't know anything about that didn't have anything to do with it tried to help him beat that case. Of course. Tony was killed shortly after that. So I don't remember if he was actually found guilty for them all in the Wall Gang versus burglary or not. But in Jonas had no done now both Frank and Ernie or dead, but this is a little different sort of a story and I'm going to start talking about a month Hollywood movie producer man has he was born under the name of Evron go bogging but he became known as Michael Todd. He started out as a young man. He grew up up down. North central part of the United States and moved to Chicago started out in the construction business then kind of got into the film industry when he was working on soundproofing stages when this home when the pictures first changed from Silent to talking films during the Depression, they would go bankrupt but he came back in the construction business and World War Two came along during World War II just start getting into the movie business and right after World War Two probably is like more like the early fifties. He developed a new big screen film processing operation called said, I don't know if you remember Center. Am I remember probably when I was in late grade school, it came out with these huge big screen Productions that were Cinerama. They were mainly web application and had the Big Sky country as a background. He broke off from the company that develops Cinerama, which he had been involved with and developed another widescreen film process wage. Became known as tadeo. And that was immensely popular his I think his first success with that was a film version of the real popular. Musical, Oklahoma. I'll try to sing Oklahoma for you, but it would not sound good. Just remember they spell out. Okay l a h o m a Oklahoma. Okay. That's the extent of my saying folks his next big hit was Around the World in Eighty Days and I remember seeing that I think of it as a freshman in high school or something. It was a huge big production that a lot of fun. It was a comedy and won an Academy Award for the best picture in 1957, but in the very next year 1958 Michael Todd at the very peak of his success, he'd won an Academy Award. He was going all around the country. He was getting all kinds of offers and he was it was going from one part of the country to the other. I can't remember exactly page where it was a small private plane and it was killed in an airplane crash at this point in time. He was also married to the most popular and what some would say the most beautiful actress in Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor dead. That the peak of her career in the fifties. They lived Hollywood Legend through huge big parties. They lived on a lavish scale. He left a huge big estate after he died in this airplane Christ. It was wage estimated three to five million dollars. Now that doesn't seem like so much now in 1957 325 million dollars was probably more like forty to fifty million dollars Thirty to fifty million dollars at the estate office to Elizabeth Taylor and they had a daughter together named Elizabeth Frances and wonder whatever happened Elizabeth Frances Todd, or maybe she used the name of gold bug and I don't know. I've never heard of the daughter off the other half of this state went to his son by a former marriage that Michael Todd Jr. During the years since his death and internment and they had a big funeral and Chicago and he was buried in Chicago but people started a rumor that Elizabeth Taylor as they closed the coffin down on him and put a big ten carat diamond ring that was valued at $100,000 on Thurs. Has been stronger now authorities would later say that anybody who did even a little bit of research in read the newspaper articles about the accent would figure that there probably wasn't enough left a Michael, body to put any kind of a ring on but maybe you know, I guess you might assume she just throw it in the casket with him. I don't know

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