Think Twice Before You Eat That Halloween Candy



The urban legend of Razor Blades in your Halloween candy or poison hidden behind the sweet taste of a snickers bar has been around for decades to this day. Parents are still worn to inspect all candy give into their children to make sure that it's safe for consumption quoted from a mental floss article written by Ethan treks quote it's easy to see how urban legends have taken hold because they're so terrifying after all parents Ben Three hundred, sixty, four days of every year telling their kids not to take candy from strangers precisely because of might be poisoned. Then, give the thumbs up to taking snacks from every house in the neighborhood on Halloween, and that's so true and it also calls to mind the whole idea of like when we re under it, we were told not to talk to strangers online and not to get in cars with strangers, and now we literally use the Internet to summon strangers to get in their cars yet. So. Weird. It's crazy. So in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five Joel Best, who's a professor of sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware publishing article that reviewed reports and press coverage of candy tampering in the United States between nineteen, Fifty, eight to nineteen eighty-four during the search he found a report as early as nineteen fifty nine where children were falling ill after a California dentist named. William. Shine had distributed four hundred fifty candies laced with laxatives. Two Children Jesus thirty of these children were actually affected by candy tampering and he was later charged with outrage of public decency and quote unlawful dispensing of drugs for a dentist. A dentist, a nine, hundred, sixty, four in New York a forty, seven year. Old Woman named. Helen feel was. Annoyed by the Halloween custom of handing out candy to children especially to children who she felt deserve to be given free candy for she handed out bags of treats including ant poison and dog biscuits while when she was confronted about her actions she said, she was doing it as a joke and only gave the items kid she felt were too old to be trick or treating. Is later reported that she was admitted to the State Hospital for mental observation. Good. God right. You don't know what their issues and why they're treating, and even if they don't have an issue like who fucking cares don't be so stingy. Yeah. Like would you want them taking part in egging in toilet paper toilet paper people's houses or would you like them going door to door and get some candy? Just let them go home with bags of candy and then do whatever they're going to do at the house. They're not gonNA come back at midnight to your house. They've if you give him dog biscuits. Yeah. It's like you just set yourself up for some mischief right in one thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty, eight, Toronto police had discovered razor blades and noodles and Halloween apples. The footage found in the CBC Archives Showed Police Displaying Candy that was supposedly poisoned in nineteen seventy, five year old boy named Kevin Dotson from Detroit died after supposedly eating heroin laced candy diseases. After news media outlets had a field day with telling all parents to dispose of their children's hard earned cash flowing treats. It was later discovered that the parents of the child were trying to hide the true events led to his death apparently the uncle of the boy. had a heroin stash in his home and the little boy had gotten into it and ingested a capsule filled with heroin. The parents sprinkled heroin on the boys Halloween candy after he had died as a cover up to protect the boy's uncle God. But that also kind of reminds me of the the thing that goes around of Lake don't watch out people are putting edibles in your candidate and like no nobody's giving you hundreds of dollars of drug senior kids. In two thousand and Minnesota a forty nine year old man named James Joseph Smith was charged with felony for tampering with candy after a fourteen year old boy was pricked with a needle after biting into a candy bar. Lou. He apparently had put needles into snickers bars and handed them out on Halloween. Night. He was charged with one count of adultery in substance with the intent to cause harm illness or death new four other boys were found to have the needle lace snicker Bar, but the only one boy was harmed. In Two thousand sixteen in Nova Scotia a twelve year old boy was injured when he reached into his candy bag and was cut by a razor blade poking out of a kick cap arc. In two thousand, seventeen multiple reports come out of Ontario Canada where eleven year old girl underwent surgery at U. ship it into recess peanut Butter Cup containing a metal object although it was unclear if this was a result of candy tampering or a manufacturing incident. And other eleven year old boy was also reported to have received a Tutsi roll containing melatonin pill before. Tone of all things so. Yes. So harmless but just go to sleep in two thousand, nineteen in Connecticut thirty seven year old Jason Racks was arrested and held on a two hundred fifty thousand dollar bond after the parents of at least two trick or treaters found razors in their children's candy bags. He was charged with risk of injury to a minor reckless endangerment and interfering with police officer apparently did not go quietly when arrested and he also stated that the razor blades were accidentally spilled into the Cannibal for boxer razors who just happened to have next to it. Yes. Yep Yeah I totally believer like you do a later unrelated incident involved someone handing out THC laced gummy candies in their Halloween trick or treaters. Each of the bags contained colorful gummy cubes each packed with ten milligrams of THC. It was stated that it was unknown if this was intentional or from might have been an unintentional oversight by the person handing out the treats but the packaging was obvious enough that it shouldn't be consumed by children Marcos is probably high end didn't notice it air probably high and just in the bag knows because there's pictures of it and that looks like little gummy little gummy bear bags. Yeah. So again, the joke comes up though that nobody's going to willingly hand over yet. They're edibles. Yeah. At the conclusion of Joel Best Research. So get it only went from nine, hundred, fifty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, and a lot of these cases. I, told you about were in the two thousands So, this was his conclusion with his research at the conclusion of Joel Best Research into candy tampering incidents. He concluded that the vast majority of reported about seventy five percent who were either hoaxes conducted by children or their parents or didn't result in serious injury interesting. He also stated that contemporary legends are ways that society expresses anxiety and urban legends like Halloween Sadism could've stemmed from societal grievances like nineteen, eighty, two with the cyanide laced tylenol incident in. CHICAGO? The September eleventh terrorist attacks and subsequent Anthrax scare and of course now with Yeah. which actually plays into what you were saying. Devil's night about the depression and the war and how people just kind of like did what they did on Devil's night as a reprieve or as Cathartic. Occurrence. Yeah. So yeah, and that a lot of these urban legends Kinda just stemmed from people just having so much anxiety about the world in the world's problems. Yeah. Yeah. He has stated quote is it possible that someone maliciously passes out treats with the intent of harming children at random of course but this raises the question why they're usually aren't multiple reports from the same area effectively saying that the urban legend is just that nothing more than a hoax or scary story to tell her on time we're anxieties already

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