A New State Has Entered The Playoffs! - burst 23


Can almost signed the H. L. from that game but again, if Bovina Hill in Wyoming. Win. Tomorrow. But values a great team there no slouch neither is gram. Grams of very big surprised normally when you say Graham think wrestling you don't think football, but this year falcons have just been. Host untouchable in the sense and undefeated to that's that's very impressive. So that's nice to see. So, yeah definitely a lot of great football going on in Region Sixteen division four, and now we'll talk some division five football we start off with. Start off with do region team. that. Was Me not being able to scroll on Microsoft Word my apologies Carter finalists look like this. For Region Eighteen Liberty Benton hosts North Union. I'll stay go gets winfred. Otherwise Gland will host North Western remembered not springfield northwestern. This is West Salem North Western too many northwestern's by too many I mean. To that I now, there's like three springfields in Ohio to Springfield High School Swan New Middletown those one in Holland there's. Springfield. The one in Clark County you know the one we talk about. And Eastwood will host Oak Harbor. Move Onto region nineteen. We got iron tin hosting John Sound Liberty Union. Making the trip to Ridgewood. Wheelers Berg hosting Bishop Reedy and Columbus Academy Hosting Harvest Prep. Now for Region Twenty Got Top seed Roger Bacon. They'll host green greening. Lanchester hosting Springfield, Shawnee. Pursell Marianne visiting Marymount and Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy at Verse. Sales little. Bit of a hike. Tonight for. But Hey. Sometimes that's how it is. In this crazy world, we call Ohio High School. Football and divisions and regions never like that now onto division six. We. Start region twenty three. And we go with Fort Frye hosting efforts centric Loudon Ville at Dawson. Bryant. That's probably the highest seeded or the. Biggest numbers of seeds on their Eighteenth Loudon, they'll add number ten Dawson Bryant. We have fairyland hosting Nelson Ville York and Lucasville Valley. At Barnesville. Now, we go to region twenty, four, division six. What does that entail? Well, then tells cold water hosting recovery another MAC battle their mechanics hosting paint valley, Frankfort Adena, hosting, Minster, and West Jefferson walk them in Covington. As we round the corner and get back to Friday night games division seventh starting off a region twenty six. Lima Central Catholic. Mohawk tonight's Arlington will get left sick coming in. We have Lima. Perry hosting. Hope will allow them remember Lima Perry yet to play in the playoffs first round by and Eggerton I believe got the COVID and Crestview goes to Spencer Ville. That's what it looks like in division seven region twenty-six. Region twenty seven is as follows. They goodness's laptop is fast. Trimble will host burn union east. KNOXVILLE HOST SHADY SIDE Eastern goes to River Hannibal River. Trying to think what eastern was. And Danville will host Newark Catholic. And around up week three in Ohio. High. School Football Playoffs Division Seven region twenty eight. Has. New. Miami visiting Marian local and Sonia goes to Fort Laramie. Battle

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