Prom at the Polls - Young Voters Taking Charge


Thanks for being here. So so be tell us about promised the polls, what it's all about and what promised polls doing in the weeks leading up to the elect show prometheus polls is a youth led civic engagement event meant to take back twenty twenty, and we're doing this through a series of social media challenges and different fund ways for young people and adults to get involved and make the voting process. Exciting. We lost our promise graduation. We lost so many things due to the pandemic and we're GONNA, take that back with prompt the polls we are creating excitement around voting through the challenge. Hashtag proposals and Hashtag address up to vote. Those are the two main things that we're working on now and all the way up until the election. So the first one we're using the HASHTAG proposals is challenging someone to go to the polls if you or to vote by mail with you, and we're doing this to create a big wave of youth voters and to get so many more people engaged to wouldn't have before. So if I challenged my friend to vote and they vote with made than they challenged someone else I'm reaching so many more people than if I just voted alone so. You may ask what is a puzzle so a proposal similarly to proposals in highschool for problems or forms it is asking someone to go out with you. So in our case, we're asking people to come with us to the polls or to just vote with us from the comfort of our own home. The other aspect of this is dressing up to vote. So we're using the HASHTAG dress up to vote, and if you participate in any of these challenges, which we really encourage you all to do make sure to use the Hashtag online. So we can spread the word and share the. Content that you're creating but dress up to vote is exactly what it sounds like. It's putting on prom or formal attire and either going to the polling place or walking to your mailbox or going to a dropbox to cast your ballot. But making sure that you're voting in style and just making voting fun and exciting for everyone and up until the election will be participating and we have some really interesting people and Super Cool influencers who are participating, but it really comes down to the youth and the population participating everyday people getting out getting excited about voting and participating in these different challenges. Tell us a bit about how promised the poll started promised. The polls began when you actually introduced the five of us and put us in kind of a think tank room and we all are really passionate about getting out the youth vote and making sure that every young person in this country knows that their vote matters and that their voice matters and we wanted to come up with a fun and creative way to inspire young people to go to the polls to vote and make their voice heard on election day. Nicole Brown celebrities are really stepping forward. So just one quick word of encouragement. Please encourage other folks to get involved in their platforms the way you are. I WANNA say that first of all is not lost there is still time there's eighteen days as a young man named Jerome, Foster, the second who created prompt the polls. That's the thing we joked about at the beginning he's trying to encourage young people to enjoy their senior year at the polls. So find somebody you WANNA, take to the polls and and shout them out and shoot your shot, and then just encourage people to find different interesting Korean of ways to go and make a different voice matters use it out of the first meeting after you connected us we came up with this idea and ever since then have been meeting daily to pull it off and make it happen. Where can people find out more information? We have a website promised the polls, dot com but most of our information at all of our content is on all of our social media platform. So twitter instagram tech, pock facebook you can go there and we'll be posting some super cool content from now until election day on the various platforms and you can find more ways to get involved. They're amazing. And Matthew. What do you think is the goal for promised the polls what do you hope that promised the polls will accomplish I. Think we succeeded if we have even just one person vote in planning on voting before obviously the goal is a lot bigger than that. But at the end of the day when we sit out to start the prompted the Bulls project, you said to results what do We want to accomplish how do we WANNA help and how do we think the country needs to change and one of the big things that we talked about that the vote isn't being considered enough is being cared about enough and there's people in the country in our generation that are voting. So we thought let's take that opportunity. Let's take that situation and make it something fun. Make it something. that. They can enjoy but also make it something that they're going to participate in for the next. However many years they want to see you know really at the end of the day the goal is if we get as many people voting as possible that haven't voted before as many people involved in the political process that weren't involved before and there's many people interested that weren't interested before we've succeeded.

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