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Hey Kareem welcome to Latino rebels radio. What's up? Thanks much Adamy. How's it going? I'm good. I had your creative partner earlier this year. Christina who I've known my God I've we we have a mutual friend. So, I've known Christina for like ever, and then it was weird because as I was prepping for this interview, I listened to what we did about the Walter mccollough documentary and like a true astrologer. Lake Sheep. Like the predictions. So you can have to give to confirm all this. Now I mean it's kind of UNCANNY. The things she was saying about the documentary in. And then boom. Well listen I feel bad for you because Christina is both the smarter and Prettier One and I am just allowed one so. Yeah IT'S A. Back. Under. The intro like she does the military we set this up everything's under control, and then you come in late you're like, hey. Like. Thing. And another thing. Yes. So, listen. I. I, know I. I know I know the origin story so I don't WanNa get into it, and if people really want to hear the origin story about how this documentary came to be. We will link to the original. So this is an extension of that conversation. But so I wanted to have you on because of that but also to talk about representation in general were it's going next your thoughts. Let's start talking about I about this. You know I think it was a sensation. When it came out I mean. Yeah. I mean talk talk about it talk about. It feel. Wait. A minute. So we launched on Netflix July night. Oh my God. It feels like he'd launched like. Okay. So it's Depending on, you ask I'm sorry I depending when you ask either it was six days ago or six years ago Leno. Yeah. So tell me how has been has been. Changing or creatively. Awesome. It's been a little bit of both it's surreal how it's been. You know. We made the dock in. In you know the whole journey was just really crazy but just really the the end of his you know we finished the dock. Sundance November I walter died November second. So that was just a moment of that was a weird coincidence. But then we had to go back to Puerto Rico Puerto. Rico for the funeral we were there for a week we to Sundance. Saving. And then we I I mean I say this with both humility and pride, and then we got into every vessel that we wanted to get into. Between what the funding With release and the world shut down with Kobe and And so Some of those most of us all those actually. To others got cancelled. So it's minute really weird I felt that in the age to yeah it's been really weird. Re experiencing this all from my living room like from my kitchen table. Yeah. It's so crazy but A. Every day with a new thing you've you've heard of either new famous person who's seen it or we've gotten a new message from another part of the world somebody who's discovered Walter it's been a little spin really surreal but I mean now how fun I mean we made the movie 'cause like Latinos we will say as Latinos we had the leverage in the honor to have walters part of our lives for decades, and we made the movie because we wanted to share him with the world at large to see that actually happening. It's wild. It's crazy. So you know it's funny. You say because when I did talk to Christina was around Sundance. and. You. Know you go out there. I mean you guys I remember. I saw the pictures of you guys were like, Hey, we are premiering. Hey, we're. We're in the CAPE'S HEY, here we are. And and the net flicks announcement happened around like right at the time we dropped the podcast with Christina. So it was like my God this is perfect that was. So. You're so right about just being physically present what your creative you know. You're there. It's like it's done. I'm with people. This is this is this is going to be a great year and it still is a great year right but but you're seemed to be celebrating it in a very moral. Distant way, but is it satisfying I? Mean I must be. I mean, it is incredibly satisfying incredibly exciting

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