Five possible new names for Washington, DC-area school proposed to Fairfax school board


An area elementary school, named after a colonel in the Confederate Army is expected to get a new name later this year. Head of that decision, Fairfax County School Board has received five name ideas, mostly Woods Elementary School is named after John Mosby, who served in the Confederate Army when the Fairfax County School board decides on a new name for the school on December the third. Among the considerations will be five names from the school system. Superintendents got Braber and some of the names include Katherine Johnson, who stole Are you being a mathematician with NASA was made famous by the movie Hidden figures. Mary McBride taught Children of freed slaves in Fairfax County and Barbara Ros John's protested substandard conditions at her high school in Prince Edward County. Other names on the list include Mosaic and Five Oaks. Mike Murillo. W T. O P. News

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