How to get quoted in the media


240 have you ever looked at? Jane or what an article and wondered me how other Founders or CEOs are getting quoted in these stories. It's probably not a happy accident. It's probably a PR person placing them that way there but wage it doesn't mean that's the only way to get in there. So today I'm going to give you some Insider tips on how to get placed in the media as a thought leader a, enter an expert may want to be considered a thought leader. Then you have to prepare yourself in this situation to get quoted or to get asked for expert insights. So these are the few tips that might help you get started and get positioned for this kind of right now first. You have to have your basics down first prepare a brief bio that highlights your expertise and why you're an expert so think of yourself in the biggest form possible how many years of experience what are your degrees? What are Awards You've Won or big clients that you've had. I know it's tough sometimes to put yourself in the shoes of how you want to be viewed as a professional, but if you can't see yourself them, Nobody else will make sure you note, you know, any author articles or Publications and this is all intact so it should be maybe two paragraphs of a bayou and it's always nice to have like a bio and a short bio depending on the different rules for Publications or broadcast. They'll be able to publish one of the other second have a really nice high birth had shot and a lifestyle shop ready to go. So headshot is basically, you know, the face face forward had shot that you might have white background smiling recognized maybe up to your bust and then a lifestyle shot is more like, you know, you laughing or it looks like they're working or you're walking, you know, it could be anything. You can be enjoying a hobby but not sure you're the only one in the shot and it's high resolution which basically is 300 DPI dots per inch you might want to have both of those handy so that you can have a little perspective and if you want more I mean 3 a.m. I've had shots is always a good number to have I think investing in this is really great because it always makes you look much better and positions you as really the expert that you are. So the first thing to do when you're getting ready for this kind of activity is kind of set up some goals and I would set up like a monthly time to go over topics because this is a way of you being relevant and timely issue with what's going on in the news and what's going on in your industry. So I would maybe take a few maybe a couple hours like the day before a month starts or the very beginning of the month to outline like these are off to five topics that I might be talking about this month. And so figure out your position being able to talk about relevant current events is key. But what is your position on those current events? And the more second thing is you could say the more controversial things you could say about it. The more likely it is that you are going to be leveraged as an expert. So have something really insightful. To say have a solution and if you want to Stir It Up Stir It Up know how far you're willing to go and obviously the more you're willing to bend the rules. The more exciting that is odd for people to listen to and include in their stories next whatever three to five topics that you've kind of come up with developed your can response or statement. And so this will serve as a foundation for when you're ready to respond to something that hits the news you can grab a statement and then make a few tweaks to it and then send it off and that way it like reduces the amount of time that you have to spend in the moment. If you see an article and you're like, oh I want to respond to it. It's already it's already ready to go. You might just have to like edit it for like five ten minutes. Lastly you made me want to make a list of reporters or Outlets that you think are most relevant to you that particular month or you've been thinking about it or you really want to be an expert or position. They're dead if it's broadcast or news make sure you're watching The Daily News and that you respond right away, but identify 5 to 10 people who might be controlling editorial content. So that's typically Anna broadcast. It's the producer and those emails are found directly on those news websites, if it's written then you might want to look at the T. I see who's the editor-in-chief or the content director or on the digital media director or the online media editor. So you might want to have a few different contacts and get this is the moment where you create relationships. So what you could do proactively if you spend one or two hours doing this at the beginning of the month. I promise that you'll have some kind of result where you'll feel good about spending the time. It'll definitely be worth your time. A little bit ski if you're a really really really, you know want to get a placement but let's say you just want to put yourself out there and you do it every month and you kind of see it as a newsletter and you add it to something about doing almost like a newsletter distribution or something that at the beginning of the month. What you could do is say hey, you know, my name is John Smith and I'm an expert in artificial intelligence package this month. I see there's a lot of interesting Trends and these were the things that I'm talking about. If you're writing a story. Please contact me and I'll be happy to make some commentary and of course you're going to make a case for yourself a little bit more than what I decide but like also why they should contact you because you're an expert in Ai and you've worked with you as many companies and then you list those three little bullet points that you've outlined earlier and your position on them. And if it's interesting enough, they might want to pick it up and write it so it could be an activity you do every quarter every month, but then them Emails from you on a regular basis, they'll start to get to see your name. You keep calling yourself the same thing. So consistency is very important. You'll one month be an AI expert and the next next month be an expert in economics. You can't do that. Make sure it's consistent your branding for your personal self means to be consistent with what you're saying and what you're pitching.

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