Halloween special! The spookiest royal stories revealed


Hello everyone and welcome to very sterry spooky but still. For that mackey. was that. Scary, but we are still as packed as ever when it comes to all the latest goings on with the British, your family of course, your host it's scrapie joined by mackey really you doing X.. I am very excited for this Halloween. It's weird because I. Certainly know few Halloween is a big deal obviously being in the middle of lockdown or various stages of lockdown when it's been a little weird not really getting to celebrate I mean I certainly have a bowl of candy, and in fact, my friend said to me. We have spent most of this year in mosques and over eating sweets we've kind of had a very, we don't need Halloween this year although police tell me you're dressing up Yoshi. He has here's an outfit I. Just don't know where he's going to wear it. At. Least on instagram promised me that he'll do it for the Graham he'll do. He'll do it yo she'll doing for the and that is so true. I was excited because we got the chance to dress up. We did yes. Later on in the show Maggie and I will be going on some of Ghost hough of Hampton. Court Alice we had special access out of hours to see some of the scariest sites in the former home of King Henry the eighth. It's really spooky. It's a beautiful SPA IT'S I. Weird Mix between. This incredible palace, but also probably being one of the scariest royal sites in the country. That's true. That's You. Feel the ghost going through you even the chills in the. Scene. Well. We were very lucky. We we obviously took it very seriously. We arrived in full. Halloween cost you. which unfortunately? He can't see listening to us on. Butts. In an airport I we're also bringing in video this week and we'll have more details of that later in the show, but you'll be able to join us as we traipse around the corridors and the creepy rooms of Hampton Court Palace. It was really fun moaning. Excited for everyone. Plus it's just nice to get outside I think the royal beat has really had anyone focused on the royal family just sort of stuck at their desks for the past six months and more. Importantly, it was great to be able to do this because this is part of an exhibit that's currently going on at historic royal palaces. It's open to the general public here in the UK they look after many of the on on on occupies spoil spaces here in the UK and they always put us on a great show this an incredible spread out at Hampton Court Palace, which is just Outside of central. London. So if you are in the UK pleased check it out, we'll have more details on that later in the show. But before we get to the news I wanted to share a bit of a fun stat. It was an article I came across town and country. Where they had gone into details over one of the big big changes that happens at royal residences across the country. When the clocks change back of course, we've recently gone into asset of wintertime zone. It is the end of the warmer months and as we descend into darkness on so many different levels. One major change needs to happen at the royal residence is in the UK and that is turning one, thousand, five, hundred clocks. Why do they have so many clocks don't they just use their iphones? Fortunately not the queen's royal residences. This is a sort of a bi annual undertaking that requires an entire team experts that spend full hours working with the royal collection, which is the Department of the royal household that cast for The sort of artifacts in arts and anything on that side of things within the residents is occupied rovers presidencies, and they have a group of horror logical conservaties that adjust the fifteen hundred timepieces to account for the end of British summertime. This includes four hundred and fifty clocks at Windsor Castle six, hundred clocks at Buckingham. Palace and fifty at the palace. Of Hollywood house up in Scotland and so these range from that's an incredible job. These range from traditional time pieces such as the kind of museum quality clocks that we are seeing some of the exhibits in the royal households, musical clocks, miniature clocks, tar clocks, grandfather clocks, Yoon name it. The Queen Asset be really careful with a lot of those clocks as well because I'm sure they're quite old and delegates. Yes, exactly. So hence, why it requires forty, this is really embarrassing because I have one clock in my own one. The entire summer months I never changed it. So now it's back to being the right time. That's my because. My favorite part Of the end of summer. Is when the clock on my other make sense. He's correct finally. Queens people to come over there. Changing thousands. What's Exactly exactly. We did see members of the royal family out and about this week including the Duchess of Cornwall, he was out in London. Seeing a demonstration of covid nineteen detecting tokes trained by a charity that she supports a medical detection dogs and these labradors are trained to sniff out the viruses and so they actually met up with Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock Paddington Station to see some of the work in action and this is something you've you've looked into already. McKee. It's a fascinating. I'm so excited by this story. Yeah it's fascinating I. Mean I know the Has Already met with these dogs once before and so I love that she's following up with them again and I've been in contact with the organization and you know it's not just this organization here in the UK. Partners around the world and other researchers that are working with these dogs. They've already been deployed in the airport in Finland and Helsinki to start sniffing out Crowbars, buyers, passengers, and I know that here in the UK they're hoping that within the next few months, even that some of these jobs can maybe be in the airports in the UK and so it's really incredible.

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