Full Auto Friday - Round 25 with Brian Bishop

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Smoke. North of. Small. Wish small I'm making a close now. I think we're recording. I mean, of course we are. Cheers cheers. How Awesome was today? It was great. Great my favorite part was Psychological operations on Allen. Shoutout to Allen forgetting his first year by the way it's a big step. Yeah it is. It's a big hurdle to get over. It's a very big hurdle to get over and. I think what she said is true. It's not for. Not for everybody no not at all. It's just people. Right. Yeah. I mean there's the. The shooting of an animal is tough but. If you think that's the end of the process. I guess what I should say prepare yourself because it's just the beginning the hours of work or about to start. Yes. Yeah. Your your day or evening is just beginning. Yeah he didn't. He didn't. He didn't hesitate. He was definitely into it which which I find with for some is like that's the. That's the most tough part. Is that first step of like the psychology of knowing that you're about to kill something getting on a gun getting on that cold piece of metal and? Looking about look looking right out what you're about to kill and putting your finger on the trigger and Getting Recoil, impulse. But. Then you're right after that than it's been the work. Starts. Especially, if you're in the backcountry, you're six or seven or ten miles in and you've got A. Quarter that sucker up and start hiking it out. I'm going to be honest when I was watching shoot. The only thing that I was looking at was the quivering of the rifle. And I hope you listen to this. The bitch will be out of your house tomorrow. The classic example there's a huge book there yesterday. I did not have my rifle. That's how it always goes. I brought my rifle today. There is no book you'll love this so you drove out before me I drove behind you. I was good probably like five ten minutes behind you. A huge big fucker ran right across the road right where that s curve is. Yes. Right there and when it went right into that field I watched it. He just loped right across a field hopped over the fence and he was huge. His neck was hugh I was like There's a reason they're that big though there are smart enough to knock him out in the middle of the day the day blazing books have thinner next because they're younger. Usually, typically fast. Where should we start now resident of Montana should commit to the audience once per month for Auto Friday. On you the the invitation is open but you're the one who have to commit to it. I'll certainly commit to it. All right. you did cheat on me though with that son of a bitch glover though so i. feel like maybe do that was a chance encounter he happened to be they were doing a. Motorcycle Mobility. He was not part of the writing, but I believe they launched from Seattle and road all the way to whitefish. So he happened to be passing through. And then they were finishing the event that evening. So I grabbed him for I'm GONNA grab, People's they come by yeah. He's awesome. He is. He's yeah he's great. I. Have a lot of emails telling me I need to start a separate podcast just hemicycle fucking time. There's no time for that, but he's also looking at property up here too.

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