'The Prom' unleashes its stars in an infectious, high-energy musical


Musical and super campy. There's the Ryan Murphy Netflix adaptation of the short lived Broadway production of the Prom. The story of a bunch of down and out Broadway divas trying to drum up some publicity's for themselves by going to small town Indiana to fake concern over high school girls effort there to attend her prom with her girlfriend, despite the homophobia, P T, A and some closed minded students, aside from painting both sides of the story with very broad, stereotypical strokes. The prom is mortgage letter filled, fabulous fest of Song and dance. Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden Keegan, Michael Key, Andrew Runnels and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman delivering a high kick musical message of tolerance for all, It's fun. It's a Dean's list Be Meryl Streep also

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