So things started to unfold. We were watching what was going on. We were watching the news. And you said i'm an essential worker. I actually work at a power plant. The problem is that this is an evolving situation. Literally every day we learn a little bit more about it. I mean we have the five individual concerned about him getting sick. His stress level was through the roof. So that was concerning to me and the fact that she had six kids at home in the huge unknown out there and everything had changed from the standpoint of what the normal routine was and and there was this big unknown. I remember telling her that if the virus and stuff got close that i thought it was best that i stay away that i that i go to work. Spend my time at work. But i don't come home afterwards with the risk of contracting something and eventually bringing it home to her or the kids because the last thing you need is jesse sick and me sick. I'll read anything about how other couples and other parents are getting life done during the pandemic. that's why i couldn't turn away from profile. I read about carlin. Jesse crawford in the new york times. It talked about how. Carl moved out of their house so he could work in a power plant as an essential worker leaving jesse behind homeschool their six kids all working a fulltime job. I didn't really stop working ever so you'd stand in the kitchen and funnier laptop. Send messages help teammates while you're teaching the kids how to spell the word cat. It's all about multitasking. If

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