Are You Bringing Emotional Intelligence Into the Workplace?

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So how are you putting your emotional intelligence hat on your e. I hat in all of your interactions whether your word with friends with your family and how much are you. Harnessing your emotions. Well this is the perfect segue to my special guest today. Joining me on the show is andrea hoven. Andrea is the co founder and learning at. Og lice. laugh she's also a certified coach and a speaker and she helps professionals to hard as their emotions injury. I it is so nice to have you on my show. Welcome thank you. Thank you for having me. It's really wonderful to be here in. Share a little of what i know with women worldwide. We're happy happy because emotional. Intelligence is really important you know for any person professionally and personally is being able to get a handle on your own emotions so that you can work with others and that is something that you're doing quite a bit and before we dive into e i in all of your great work. Maybe you can just share a little bit about how you got to wanting to go down. Career path of emotional intelligence in helping professionals in coaching. Yeah sure it's the kind of a long circuitous journey like most are bank But i i started my career in corporate america and climbed the ranks as a sales manager and became a regional vice president with a big thirty million dollar territory and found that the part of that job that i loved the most was training people to be the best they could be. And when i could see light bulbs go on and see that. That was magic for me. And so that that led me down a path wanting to do that work more often And so eventually became responsible for job skills training at the organization. I worked at and found that my passion fell into the leadership development and coaching area. Where i work with people so that we could have more of those breakthrough moments and insights together. That help them do the things they wanted to do. And be the person's and people that they wanted to be so that's That's what led me to get certified as a coach to work as a coach to leave that organization and work independently for a while And and realizing along the way that emotional intelligence really is such a foundational set of skills that set the stage for so much more of what we wanna do as leaders or as people or as of families etc. You have to have your ability to recognize what you feel some self awareness around what's going on inside so that like you said you can harness their power and their wisdom of ear emotions to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish. So that's a little bit about how i got to this point. That's excellent and in. You did definitely just pinpoint something. That's so important around the emotional intelligence discussion. The fact that you have to be aware of what's going on with you and you know what is it. There's there's a lot going on in our world where emotions do run high zoa. People are feeling challenged in whether it's affecting you and your your work environment or your home environment. What are some of the ways it. Perhaps you can get to being more aware or more emotionally intelligent. Yeah well let's. I like name this moment as you just said. Two thousand twenty is such a crazy year and at the beginning of the year we started. We pulled You know hundreds of people across the united states to ask them what was the most predominant emotion that they were experiencing back in march. The answer then was anxiety. Which makes logical sense. You know it at. The heart of anxiety is feeling of uncertainty. That things that matter deeply to us are out of our control

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