Whatsapp new features are awesome, Windows completes 35 Years

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Is something that is every day. Hello everybody my name is of needs. I'm your host for the show. Dirt tax view vision initiative to hear views on all the topics around tech v focused on the left cautions as well as ideas knowledge inquiries and ll bean hall unfiltered around deck so today in the third episode we are going to discuss about the windows. Completing twenty five years followed by the views on brought many new features india banding for three more apps basically around china and also few of the things that were left from the last episode saw in the last episode. We discussed the apple amazon. Chipset max and it's bracing and stuff. So now i think it is time that we start evaluating that. What we did was right or not to start. The things of the reviews. Were not out yet. And most of the apps that required to be updated so now i think is not the right time that yes and now i think it is the right time to make a comment about chipset and the max that it. So if you're a mac to the es ast and want to switch to the chipset's you can go ahead. I can't stop you. But what i'm gonna tell you. Is that as of now. Don do back if you're more than productivity field. You want doing be doing that as of now. So most of the apps that we have on the windows machines are based on the intel versions of the mac west but x eighty six compatible and the runs on different platforms that's air so for the apps get migrated to the it. It is the position of the developers of those apps. Not happen so it will take not a long. I would say around grew two three months more. At least it might take six months for media apps that being used like all be creative cloud the complete cloud would be upgraded with an chipsets by the end of first water offering green declined so in short it is just the first chipset from apple and it requires a huge of the back and sources and bell pink. So might've been future very soon. It would be a complete dedicated one but as of now. I won't give you an advice to go ahead if you're more into more of paid apps like the finally got through and other apps that code apple products and you believe in your security you can go ahead. I am no one to stop you guys. Because finally got runs the best on them jobs doug lord the storage options what. I don't feel good about the apple amazon. Tip search is that it has them embedded on it so being down weathered you can't upgrade your app in near future. If you want to operate you need to buy a new one. I said that in the last as well. But we know that if it's been for the extract eight gigs going from index. To sixteen weeks. You need to pay twenty thousand more in india. That's roughly around two hundred fifty dollars so by such a huge prize when you get better than this. And it's only eight gigs more so earlier. What it used to be there. Were some ready. Rams that used to work with the mac. Like the macro iraq pro. I would say and then it would work fine and everything was great but now you can't do that will have to buy an entire new laptop. Be more in the starting. Apple's programs compatibility is not that much that someone from creative field with do that initially. But if you're from a person who just do office work might which your very soon so that was all that we had from the last episode can now for this episode lex started windows windows von has company did cady five years just threw three days back and it is very great news because as much as those old it gets back he s. You hear everything right. The first windows was some something that no one elected and now windows is the main desktop software or i would say a breeding system. That's being used. Windows has got convenience words as many depend on plugs up like the windows. Ninety eight was an okay. Xp game that was a breakthrough most of the systems. What any and got the windows. Xp foreign by it launched windows vista vista didn't become somewhat popular. It was just that it was a kind of a field and followed by that. The windows seven was a breakthrough

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