Interview With Robert Eaton


Hey welcome along to the i. In our twelve pump brand new punt a series held cutting weller professionals. My name's dome lane hosts off the how to cut it. Podcast and in this new series we could be sharing business tips service ideas techniques. This gonna help drive. You hairdressing business forward and we're going to be bringing onto the show and have well it professionals leading names to kick off the first in this series. I am so excited to have onto the show. Well it professionals. Uk an island technical director creative director at russell eaten and current british hairdresser to nineteen robert. Ayton so ropes coming onto the show today and i. It's going to be really discussing with us. How he's being in tough times in his business. During this pandemic willis how it is being having a solid center has really been suffering due to covid. Nineteen is going to give us tips and advice to that. Then he's going to move this forward to the new growing trend of clients that are growing out. That gray hand will love rob how he's been dealing with this change in client demand by using a new gray blending service is gonna share about the techniques and the colors that he's using to create these look so there's some great ideas here. Get you really motivated going forward so much to get in this app so today and after the podcast can find out anything that we talk about by going to dot com or education. Donghua dot com. So let's get to the. I knew how to cut it with well. Professionals podcast series robert eaton. Hey and welcome along to the very first of a how to cut it with weller. Professionals podcast series. Yes this is where we are going to be bringing you. Twelve episodes over the next year e series once a month. And we're going to be kicking off this with a really special guests and actually somebody had the pleasure to interview now if you're roundabout free times and yet he needs no introduction. Really because all i can say is the current british addresses the year creative director for russell eaten hair and well it professionals. Uk and and technical director so. Welcome to the podcast. Mr rubber ater. Hi it's nice to see you. Thank you for having me might is such a pleasure and we did speak. If i remember rightly we'll see two thousand and nineteen rob where we've done the asks for wealthier as that was the last time that we don't The podcast with yourself. When we brought you on here we are today. We're going to be doing another little bit of a a series built around. Well it professionals. But i mean as much to cover i mean so much has happened to you. It would be fair to say yeah. British hairdresser. Yeah so period of time this bathing winning the british adverse in the world's was amazing with in the midst of everything that's happening with covert as well which has been incredibly challenging for the salons in so many changes in industry is also. Let's talk about today. Have you of emotions being rob in one minute. There was that night that you won pretty hairdresser of the year which i was just so excited when you were that and then a few months later with entered this world of covid so have you been out to enjoy being british addresses the what few people investment and i have actually had a great time. It's been it's an experience that nobody can take away for me something to work towards for a long time. It was such a fantastic evening in a susan. Incredible experience to win So so yeah. That was an amazing ends at the year. And the of twenty twenty and obviously we all as an industry being thrown into turmoil and a real roller coaster mixed emotions with every that's being covert related and so as much as winning. The awards are probably able to maximize as much as possible of lights have done with show was an offense and physically seen people but it is actually being quite an interesting An interesting wave changing that win and thinking of new opportunities and ways of working with a win from there as well. So so yeah. It's been a great few months but obviously really really challenging and stressful with everything that's been happening with with covid.

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