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Erin fights for survival it's eventually revealed that crispin brother felix and his girlfriend z are in on it in an attempt to get access to their family's fortune. Aaron eventually ends up killing them. All but at the end is mistakenly shot by the police. Just as the opening thoughts on the movie. Yes oh this movie. I suggested after we watched that last one by try coast media or ropes at elliott. Trike rolston What was it called dark roast worldwide. It was buying nights end. That's right so the last one watches to home invasion style film and Which you know. We're both kind of iffy on. But i thought that this was a good example of how to do a home invasion. Don't very well. Because it's hard to bring new in inventive. Twist to the john mara. So i thought this would be a good one and i watched it again probably. It's probably the third time machine. It and i'm not disappointed. All still think it's a it's a great great fell. This is an absolutely great film I think i mentioned it the last time. This is only the second time. I've seen this movie though. I saw it when it first came out. Absolutely loved it I tend to not go back and rewatch movies. I guess as much as you do But but i. I loved it the second time through as well and i think this'll be interesting to kind of compare and contrast between what we thought of this movie we thought of that previous one by nights end and one just point right off the bat here. This movie wasn't made with a huge budget. John this was a low budget film but with that they did so many things rights. I think that's what made this such a great movie. Absolutely you could tell like you would need a lot of this one. You just need to thing that would cost in the most would be the location right so it was only in one location so A nice big house but there was a secondary scene of the neighbor but other yet it was just a mostly a nice big house in the woods. And so for that purpose like Monetarily wise it certainly would cost them some money to rent to use it but In the grand scheme of things were not looking at traveling all over the country. Different places are you in the country to complacent to try to get your story or narrative across Certainly would save some money in these people great actors but a relatively unknown. He didn't really have to. You would have to pay them that much rate so And like exactly. They said they did a lot right with the spell lot with this and not like a ton of special effects. Obviously there's there's some gore here and there. But but but nothing wild that way. And and i've said it before and i'll say it again Aspiring film makers need to pay attention. The movies like this. Because when you're starting out you're not gonna get a huge budget for your first couple of films so you gotta really pay attention to what worked what they stayed away from and to keep it simple but just because something simple doesn't mean that there's something wrong with it and this proved it through and through and join this movie. Hit the ground running. What an amazing opening scene as you just mentioned. It was kind of the secondary location at the neighbor's house Detention was incredible. As i really. I really enjoyed it. I thought you knew what i like it. When movies do this and sometimes you know it just has to suit the movie. And i think this innocence definitely suited the movie to open up the film with that because it just sets the stage so perfectly about What's going to happen next right. So you at this point. You don't know any of the family members are involved you really at this point you just more like okay well. This was a secluded person. You know we said a neighbor to these people that are going to the house for the weekend and he was murdered so their their potential help has been murdered. And secondly like these If these people are just people that like to be in the woods and kill people right you just. You don't know any of the motivation and you don't really need to know you just know that something horrible has happened and it was fun to watch not exactly right and this movie did something that I i love it when movie do this when they kind of. Grab a song and kind of make that song the song of the movie. You know what i'm trying to say. Yeah yeah yeah and it and it and it recurred throughout and it just like i. I just i loved it in that way. And you're right we. We really didn't know what was going on. We didn't half to but it set the stage for the rest of the movie and then obviously things slow down because they're cutting to character development. They're setting up. What's happening here. The family dynamics they have that kind of bickering around the dinner table. And then what a great opening kill. I'm going to call it the opening. Kill because it's the opening kill for the family The standing there kind of dazed and confused with the arrow. Through his head they join. I'd seen this movie before. But it still got me like. Oh my gosh. what a. What a wild crazy visual with a great build up to that scene and it just kinda from there. Just it's a spread to the end. Oh absolutely it's a like. I said like this. This movie did everything everything right in the problem. Not the problem. But i think what the thing that made it really well done. It's the opening scene the opening murder scene. Because you know these people are nets you just don't know when so when they're having their nice conversation at the dinner table they're falling into their old habits routines like you do with people that you grew up with the bickering conversations or whatever

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