Did Kim Kardashian Vote for Hubby Kanye West

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Okay. Shila vans whose day that late last night. A little bit watching the election little hands up a little later than usual for it but at the same time This is going to be going all day all night. Maybe another day or two. So i'm gonna go sleep. I'm not really into american. horror story. Never watched any of the season. So i didn't really jump on this one described it. Well writing it feels like the whole country is on maury waiting to find out his father all set off. Jimmy kimmel tweeted. This is like being awake during your own. Surgery isn't just watching everything happened. Of course we definitely want to know who won the election but our other big question here on daily pop. Did kim kardashian. west vote for cognac. That's what we want to know. So we all know the con- you voted for himself. We re he wrote his name on the ballot when he cast his vote in wyoming and even showed us on twitter. but what about. Kim what do you guys bake. Did she vote for her husband. She's in calabasas at right now. What bali talking about. Well i don't think she did. But i don't think she would tell konya. I don't think she did either. I don't i think that i. Actually you know what. I know if somebody said kim before for i would have no idea honest right. I don't know so. But i don't think it's gone. Yeah i definitely think it's one of the two main contenders for sure. But how do you tell your husband who wants to be president. I'm going gonna vote for you. I think she's told them. I mean all back into the archives and you look at the past few seasons of keeping crashing you remember at met gala when he thought her dress was too sexy and she was like. I am not on your journey. This is not my journey here. Tanya and in the reports came out later on when he did announce that he was running for president that she didn't support it. She didn't publicly support him. She didn't come out and said my husband running. I can't wait to see this. I think she pulled out the. This is not my journey. Pallet w beauty honey. That's how i feel too if she would have been supporting and we would have gotten an instagram or some sort of way of telling us that she is all for him and she never did that. She kept quiet. She quietly reports sources said that she supported him and what he wanted to do and is very well aware of his political aspirations but has not publicly said anything and i think until the time comes that she's publicly supporting him Supporting them in private either. I don't think she's supporting him politically. I think she supported him as a loving doting wife. She's been there through a lot for him. I think that's where it ends. I think she also probably says honey. I love you. But i don't think that the presidency is for you. I definitely think that they have that open dialogue. Like a. that's what you're supposed to do with your man. You're supposed to tell about his weaknesses when he's going to bar.

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