No Speako Espaol


To say who has the right. Who has the final say that says atrushi gano a true latina through. Mcconnell is only someone that could speak spanish. You know and i don't think that's right. Man i mean who who who makes up these rules and and should we follow them. I personally think I don't think languages a pre prerequisite for being latino being chicano Being a brown man. What do you guys think well. That's a good topic to jump into because it's so true it's like the level of your of the your command of the spanish language this should not dictate whether or not near brown right so the big question is does speaking spanish. Make you any more brown than the next person. So i grew up speaking spanish. That was my first language you know and then but the other thing is also like with my father you know. I'm not saying that he's right or you know but It's just the way that it was that he's like Kind of he was one of those people that would hate it when a dark person a didn't speak spanish it and he's like i said i will not pollyanna frontier needs to buy new like it. Would it would. It would hurt them. You know like like lexus. Like one time we went to the beach and then after that that there was this this like these chillers. The man talking In english and everything like that. My dad's like like talking smack about him just because he was talking in english you. That was kind of weird like that. You know as it needs needs to get a He said he needs to get the house by like like. I don't know why you would bother him. Her whatever and then the man just to let my dad know that he didn't spanish. He's all like all a let or something like that. You know like the guy told him not even confrontational sort of put them in check in a night. Yeah exactly and so on. My dad's like not need a colonoscopy de niro and so it kinda like silence my dad now you know. Let let like like he. Did you know it was like that was my experience and i mean i'm not a like even when we're at at at the table like my dad. He didn't like me talking to my my siblings and sp in english in by noel. And it's like he always made us talk in in spanish like everything so that was my my experience I mean like. I said it. That's not how i feel. I mean it's like Because as i start as i started speaking more more english my spanish started You know I started seeing things wrong and stuff like that. You know so. Like so. Even when i went to mexico and i saw some of my cousins and they were like i'll say like a word like spanish or i'd say it wrong and then they'd they'd make fun of me. You know like a skit way. I'll go to assist you. Know he you know yes but you're trying to each other on. Who's the better spanish speaker. That's that's what that's what this episodes about. It's like why do we power trip over that stuff. Yeah man you know. That is a really good question. What what is this about. Power trip know or authenticating. You know you know and why you know why. Why is language such a important part of who we are. you know. Like like maya bringing is little bit different My mother is he. Gonna you know she was born in he comb. My father is gone. He was born in texas. But you know but all our families are from different. Parts of michael and i was born on the border town. You know on a border town so we spoke spanish. We can all speak english but we spoke spanish. That's was the star norm. You know especially right. They're living literally on la la frontera in this five miles away from the fence. And i remember it was like a hard core as a little child by man owes a hard corden nasa student. You know like little four year old five year old you know like totally proud of being brown and everything you know and and only wanting to speak spanish men you know and And because my mind english was such an ugly language you know such a detached language. You know there is no cutting no love in there. you know. And it wasn't until. I went to first grade at the americanization process began. I didn't know it at that time. But that's basically what it is you know. The american is ancient process of denying us. The our our right to speaks spanish.

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