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Most patient visits have been suspended. For the time being. It's 1 16 and the pandemic has created new dangers out there for blind pedestrians. WCBS reporter Marla Diamond looks into this. It's a simple device that can be a lifesaver for the vision impaired. Wait. A federal ruling last month is paving the way for many more accessible pedestrian signals at intersections across the city. Many other cities in the United States already have a PS widely installed. Some entire states have them widely installed. Torrey, Actress in the attorney who filed suit on behalf of the vision impaired, says the signal was installed in Queens technology has existed in some form since the 19 fifties. The pandemic as complicated matters for the blind, who rely on traffic to know when the light has changed. And sometimes people to guide them across the street on the Upper West Side. Marla Diamond WCBS news radio 8 80. Home health care workers walked a picket line outside of their Manhattan Union headquarters in the rain. Yesterday AM New York is reporting around 50 workers gathered outside 11 99 S C I U headquarters demanding an end to the 24 hours shifts. They call abusive and damaging to families. The union says it's up to state lawmakers to fix this issue, which they say is rooted in Medicaid law. It's not under their control. They say. New Yorkers are the workers, we should say have drafted letters to Governor Cuomo and President elect Joe Biden asking for their health at 1, 18 traffic and weather together on WCBS sponsored by your local Lexus dealer and let's start with Jim Feldman and we're going to start in the Bronx, with all lanes blocked on the South bound side of Bruckner Expressway apologist before white plane Road. It is a flipped over dump truck and you've got fire department activity in response to that blocking two lanes on the North Bound side, South and B Q. E jammed up in Queens, starting a Queens boulevard across the cashews Go bridge down towards the Williamsburg Bridge. You've got the lace heading into Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bridge, just volume there. But you've also got delays in both directions of the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn bound Delays are because of roadwork on that upper level. Also in Brooklyn in Bhagwan is North and B que es slo between the Belt Parkway and Cabin Plaza. If you're traveling on the east side of Manhattan, some South bound delays on the FDR between 96th Street and the 59th Street Bridge, North bound, lays up to the RFK Triborough Bridge watch for slowdowns as well on the outbound George Washington Bridge with roadwork on both levels. All in all, not a half an hour on the westbound Cross Bronx Expressway, starting a Castle Hill Avenue. No trouble, a good ride, both at the Lincoln and the Holland tunnels. Jersey to the south bound term plank on the exit ramp at Interchange nine. A broken down tractor trailer there has the right lane blocked in north bound, totally avenue by Manhattan Avenue.

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