U.N. Investigators Help Yazidis In Iraq Find Bodies Of Loved Ones Killed By ISIS


Region of Iraq. It has now been six years since the ISIS genocide against the ancient ancient Yazidi Yazidi religious religious minority. minority. And And yet yet survivors survivors are are still still trying trying to to find find bodies bodies of of their their loved loved ones. ones. To To that that end, end, U. U. N. N. Investigators Investigators began began X X Hume Hume ng ng a a mass grave in October, MPR's Jane Arraf was there. In the village of Solo yellow tape ropes off what used to be a fish farm attached to a technical college laborers and investigators dressed in white suits and masks. Carefully digging and sifting through the Pachter as I walk up to take a closer look at one of the man is shoveling the dirt into this big rectangular sifter and then Fine pieces of dirt come out, and he flips the gravel over. The other one is now going through it by hand, trying to make sure that they don't miss any of the bones. Investigators have found at least 17, mass graves so far in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. Things. One is known as the mother's grave, and it's believed to contain the remains of dozens of pregnant and the older women. Isis decided it didn't have any use for Including the mother of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad. And game ideas. I would frosty Sarah Holly in all areas born on this land, but in bigger Snus is her brother Side. Murad is among the Yazidis who have come here in 2014. Isis rounded up and shot almost all the men and older boys. And they're morons Village of coach. Oh, Sayid was wounded Overlooked among all the bodies he managed to escape. He could have moved to Europe is a refugee, but he doesn't want to leave this land where there's been so much tragedy, or did they come in? I shall remember of vision. And now for the dish they come up with. That number was born. I come and get you if you're not getting my mother was the most peaceful, charitable person in the world. If she saw a poor person and we had only one piece of bread, she would cut it into half and give it to him. No idea, And I didn't get enough time to spend with her. We needed to have her with us longer. He takes off his dark sunglasses and wipes tears from his eyes as he body movement quotes whatever he's in all of Green uniform, a fighter now Thea's Edie paramilitary forces here in Sinjar, it's taken years even begin to exhumed bodies to identify them. Some will likely never be found. Sayid returned here after US backed Kurdish forces drove Isis out. It was a year after the massacre, and some the remains were still lying on the ground. They got hot demand. Mama, where a ditty Rusty and Beef Acela's when they came back, and so this I was very depressed because I could see their clothes, some bones. They all disappeared. I don't know who took them. Maybe animals got them or some group of people took them away. When we came back after that, we didn't see their bones. People leaves that, along with his mother's body. The grave contains the bodies of his aunts and his uncles and cousins, wives against the backdrop of so much horror and loss. The only consolation for many of the survivors has to be able to find the remains of their loved ones and bury them properly. A community center still under construction in the village of coach Joe Yazidis have gathered to give DNA's samples. The International Commission of Missing Persons based in The Hague started working to identify victims and mass graves in Bosnia. 1996. There's still not done there. It will likely take years here is well. Woz Abdullah Bas, the commission's deputy Iraq director walks me through the process we start. Take the information. Take it. In our record. There is any missing formation. After that, we shift Do the second table just on here. He would give a blood sample. Ideally, each missing persons with $3 on it's better to be, you know, Close one. So mother, Father Sir. Planes. You know, parents, six year

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