Philadelphia - NJ Transit Adjusts Schedule For Derailment Repairs


One mass transit note, which has been left over. Actually, since last week. We're on a modified schedule on north on the North Jersey coastline of New Jersey transit that because of the ongoing track repair in Perth Amboy from the derailment last week, so North Jersey coastline and northeast Carter anticipate up to 15 minutes away, so the rest of the mass transit the picture, though at this point is on or close to schedule, just building at the Lincoln and Holland at about 5 to 10 minutes. If that g W B still looks to be in good shape, we have some left over puddles on route 20 to be mindful of those around the union area, Also around Boy Street. In hillside on three and 46 writing for the big construction area in Clifton on also on the BQE right around Cadman Plaza. Really, not much in terms of a delay at this point, but just be mindful of

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