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I'm here with dr greg barnes. He's a chiropractor. A doctor of natural medicine functional medicine practitioner and has his doctor of pastoral science. He loved helping patients. Get to the root cause of their health problems even more. He loves helping. Families prevent illness symptoms and disease so greg to the show. It's great to have you here. Thanks so much for having me. You have such an interesting background with so many different experiences. So i'd love if you could give the cliff notes version of your story and how you've got to where you are today. Yeah absolutely Well i was helped by a chiropractor at a pretty young age and That's sort of what set me on my journey. I think probably from your experience to you. Know that's one of the best ways to get into something especially the natural. Health world is by personal experience. And when i got to school i just really became obsessed with all things natural health and living in the lifestyle and You know upon graduating and moving to raleigh and open up my own clinic. I mean i really just feel like I i love learning so one of the easiest ways to kind of have a structured Way of doing that as just keep going for more degree degrees and certifications no That's kind of you know how that goes in and really to. I mean my in my practice I never i take you know learning very seriously in from the standpoint of i can't tell you how many times i've i've watched an hour to hour lecture and You know spending. That won that time helped me figure. This is exactly what this person's name little pop into my head and like this. I needed to listen to this for this patient right here so it just became obsessed with you know that and and you know. I'm grateful that we live in a world where we can access information so easily so so much information and it can be a little overwhelming to them via. And that's why it's so wonderful to have healing practitioners like you out there who can work with patients on one and sort of be that buffer between all the information in the world and that patient right. 'cause you that's your job you get to take it all in consume all that information and then you know help help. Your patients find the right path for them. Just based on all that knowledge base so yeah so glad you do what you do You said that you you had an experience as a younger child. Was it that you were the middle school. Yeah i injured my neck Playing basketball and After failed attempts from you know muscle relaxants and ib pro finn and you know stretching. An ice didn't really work. Finally my parents survey well. We've tried everything else i. We'll go to a chiropractor. And i literally not even heard of one at that point and you know i it you know he was able to help my neck You know which. I thought was cool but the cooler part for me was as i was. I was under care longer I suffered from debilitating allergies. I mean we're talking. Ib shooting naser. Next all day every day. Carry a bottle in my pocket. I'd be slamming allegra claritin throughout the day. You know on top of all that. And i vividly remember waking up one morning And i like reached over from my nightstand. Grab my nays next. Because i would always do that right before i got a bed and i could breathe and also i'm like what the heck is going on here and over time. I was able to really link that with chiropractic. And and i you know i was like well if it can help neck pain and allergies. There's like people that suffer from those so That that seems like a good business to get into. And then it really. Does you know evolved into this much more comprehensive understanding of the body and health and all that

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