A Recap of the 2020 Overwatch League Awards


Ali's were such a an unqualified success. I think is the correct terminology to use their you know just so critically acclaimed and and so positively received by all over watch league fans that the League has decided to copy some of our awards and assigned some some coach of the years, the Dennis Aleka Award winner, and the rookie of the year were announced I. Believe all of them were announced this past weekend and moon one coach of the year so. I mean, we even gave you the right answer and run. Was One of our nominees as well. Right? One mccreavy one that Dennis Award. have no comment. I see my comments from last year about what that what that award turned into what it could have been but major props for the Housi- re tweet That is. Now and then alarm is the rookie the year that one was a little bit of a no brainer to be perfectly honest when you're a rookie and squarely in fairly significantly in the MVP running then right you really should win this I really liked his announcement video i. don't know if you saw it but Made me like the player a little bit more just kind of his attitude about the whole thing like. It when he was asked about it, he said you know. I care about this almost more than I care about the MVP award. I've got a lot of cracks to try to win the MVP award I only get one go at rookie of the year and so I think that was just a really good attitude from out it, and then you could see when they told him obviously the emotion that he was really a little overwhelmed there and it's got to be great to put it all that hard work and get some form of accolades or acknowledgement of that and I thought he was. Really. Gracious accepting everything like that. Quick to put some a lot of the credit and accolades onto his teammates and CETERA. So. It was very professional kind of response and a very mature attitude towards the whole awards process just yeah. Just really made me like alarm a little bit more. I. Mean if his his play wasn't enough does seem like somebody that really gets what the League is about in going for you know has the right attitude about everything and should continue to be great and hopefully does get the MVP award in the future. Yeah Keep it up. He's been great. Yeah. I. Mean It's a flood has got to retire at some point. but yeah, I think it's interesting. That you point that out death because it's it's almost refreshing to see an east sports athlete like. Take a more or like. The things that you're saying are not like. You know revolutionary right like we see like this is the this is the the mainstay for traditional sports. It's like the PR answer but like you can give the PR answer and still put your own spin on it in your own emotion on it, and it can still be true. It's just like I don't know I've almost maybe it's because we're boomers now. Or maybe it's just. Or maybe it's because we're deadened to the like I'm just so over the like. I'll call it. The livestream fails like mentality of everything where it's just like, Oh, well, I'm going to just be I'm going to be. I'm going to say something stupid here I'm GonNa try to 'cause I'm going to try to cause something out of nothing and it's like sometimes you can just give the professional answer and and and be fine. So I don't know I I like the from it. was going to be that I, mean, there's definitely more than one way you can go about doing this and this is this his kind of. Is Answers his. The way he portrayed it and himself in that situation was a little bit the cookie cutter way. But you you definitely need both right has without having the cookie cutter way even norm than the other people that are a little more outlandish is interesting or it really right and almost waters it down in its own way. So it's it's great to see. You know this kind of attitude mentality recognized I think it it. Only enhances anybody goofy about it in the future trying to think of anybody really was goofy about it though not. Not Not in this case, I'm just thinking and I'm not even necessarily thinking about overwatch specifically I'm just thinking of like in general like. Not Everyone Yeah Sinatra was like a little bit arrogant about it after the fact but like Kinda gracious in the moment, which was which was called four I think he absolutely handled it a little different with MVP You know and then at to me, it's it's weird when you are hearing the acceptance speeches and stuff, and maybe this is a mark that I'm getting used to that a little bit can like listen to the message but like when it comes through a translator. And then when you're hearing the words, the emotion is one degree separate right? Try like apply the inflection in the language. You don't understand the more deadpan words coming from. Fair to say the Jonet wasn't exactly that way you know anything like that. And obviously, this is this is a different award. I don't really remember eighty rookie of the years in the past and I did it. and. was. Everybody. So the award didn't make much sense there. So yeah, I don't really remember I mean I remember who won last year I just don't remember anything about the unveiling of the announcement. So yeah. Yeah I don't know it was just a good job overall by production maybe too dumb things out I really did enjoy the award announcements. Yeah. does this time around for sure

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