Am I Radical Enough?

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I think the one thing we can all agree on is that no one is happy right now with the way things are. But there's this agreement over how much change we can ask for right now. Like can I start to advocate for free college legalized pot? When like gay marriage might be repealed? I just worry that this push pull leaves me somewhere in the middle and settling for less. Limiting own dreams, what the future can be because I'm afraid about the president. I, just feel like a not radical enough. A recent example. So right now, people are rising up to protest against police violence and the phrase abolish the police or defunding police is really becoming an idea that is is much more mainstream sophia. No is an author and cartoonist who's been involved in a lot of radical activists, organizers circles. And so she posted something on instagram about defunding the police, and then I saw somebody else post something on instagram. That was like you have to say abolish the police. You can't say defined the police because if you say defunding police people don't know that what you mean is that it's a step towards abolition sophie. was what I posted not enough should I have said abolish instead then a friend of mine who's an older activists was like actually I think the word de fund is really important because it's it does represent a step and it represents an an action that people can understand as a step towards abolition, and so there's this back and forth about what is the right wording to use? It was kind of interesting for Sophie, that she was dealing with this dilemma because she just wrote a whole graphic novel about this. About how to try to be a good person in a bad world? The book is called the contradictions. One of the reasons I ended up deciding to like do the book is because I was sort of talking to friends of mine in the like anarchist scene we were talking about like when we first got introduced to like lefty ideas and. How those ideas came through people and how those people. Had An influence on how we thought about the ideas and like ideas can be perfect. But humans are fallible right? The comic is auto fiction. So the main characters named Sophie and it's based on Sophie's life, but it's not actually sophie. The book starts in Paris with Sophie having just arrived to study abroad. Here. I was age twenty. Character feels out of place and pretty quickly meets somebody who maybe alliance more with her background. So she's getting Abban. Sees. Somebody riding by on a fixed gear bike Fix Gear and makes the association that okay. After writing affixed here. Then maybe they're punk and if the navy there punk and maybe they're queer in like Ben. Maybe. I have a friend here. Fake. I saw you orientation. This person on the bike turns out to be another American in Sophie Study Abroad Program and they strike up a friendship. This person Zeena does not as clear as Sophie Hope, but she is opponent. Zina's Vegan. She is very active in like animal rights stuff and very vocal about it guy just broke up with worked at the COP with man we to sit outside and yell things like milk. It's full of US I used to be vegetarian but I'm Nima so I stopped. You could take iron pills or eat spinach character. Sophie explains that she's Tangentially associated with some anarchist or lefty friends back home and you know she's dipping her toes in into that world but hasn't really participated much and then Zena. You know she talks about having a planner full of activists activities and then she also gives Soviet. About these two anarchists hitchhiking around Western Europe. Everyone's making plans for spring break. What if we went hitchhiking? Taking a plane, the gas emissions are out of control and also going hitchhiking is more. Living the ideals I think I'll go vegan for the trip like in solidarity you don't have to do that. But I want to. XENA and Sophie hit the road trying to thumb their way from Paris to Amsterdam. Freeway insurance how? Actually exhausting and it takes ever. So that when they get to Amsterdam Sophie, kind of pulls out the map and it's like, oh, we could go to the end Frank House. I don't know. Like the Van Gogh Museum. Na. Dena just does not seem interested museums only showed the narrative of the victor and they are hierarchical thing that must be abolished or whatever. There's a comic shop. I'd like to see maybe we can walk there. Sure Well, they end up wandering around a fair bit. It's sort of the. The deflation of like we we did the thing and we're here and. Now. We're just here.

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