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You here Is that he's very p Laugh with Amy McGrath. That lab. Yes. Anyway, we're talking about the hundreds of thousands. She was brilliant. Wasn't she had her on before? She's remember. I heard that it was great. Yeah. All right, Anyway, that's all coming up. Plus, we get PG on talk about these adages and everything else is well. Great show. Okay, Chip. Looking forward to it. All right. I'm Patterson. This is From ABC News area holding her president Trump and the first lady were not the on ly members of the first family who tested positive for covert 19 White House blogged The first lady detailing her family's dealing with covert, saying she was at first relieved her son, Barron tested negative, but her fears came true when a later test showed her teenage son was positive. Mrs Trump, saying it's fortunate Baron has shown no symptoms and that she thought about the millions affected by covert while they recovered. The first lady says she is now tested negative ABC Sandy Field in Washington a second day of questioning for Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney, Barrett has just ended. Barrett responding to critics who worry her personal beliefs. May affect her work on the bend. There's room for different approaches to the Constitution. And I think those approaches shouldn't be broken down into partisan boxes because judges are not partisan. New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker asked Barrett to comment on the Trump administration's policy of separating undocumented families at US border. He's wrong to separate a child from their parent. Not for the safety of the child or parent but to send a message. A zoo human being, Do you believe that? That's wrong? Well, Senator, I think you're trying to engage me on The administration's order separation policy is Barrett appears to be headed to an easy confirmation. Republicans have the 51 votes, They need more states air setting early voting record. California Secretary of State reports Over one million Californians have already cast vote by mail ballots in 2016. The number was around 72,000 by now. Even

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