Woman close to Vatican cardinal arrested in corruption probe


No drama at the Vatican after Pope Francis demoted a top ranking cardinal suspected of embezzlement. Police in Milan have arrested a woman who worked closely with that cardinal Here's correspondent Megan Way. Police arrested Churchillian Barona in Milan after an Interpol police warrant was issued at the Vatican's request. Italian media report. 39 year old worked closely with Cardinal Angelo Be Chew, the former top Vatican official the pope fired last month, accusing him of embezzlement and nepotism in a deal involving a luxury apartment in London. Madonia admits bait. You paid her more than half a million dollars but says it was to provide what she called parallel diplomacy to help missionaries and conflict areas. The 39 year old is said to be a political analyst and intelligence expert who was brought into bay choose inner circle after she reached out to him in 2015, with concerns about security for Vatican embassies in hot spots

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