Saudi Arabia to Host $500,000 Dota 2 League Tournament


Next thing is also tournament related. This one came out of nowhere. I don't even know what to think so. The Saudi Federation for Electronic, an intellectual sports will be running a five hundred thousand dollar tournament I believe it was at two million ri-als which is equivalent to five hundred, thousand dollars. Between the months of October ninth and December thirty first. This is out of. So. I've obviously had some history Saudi Arabia you know having grown up there and whatnot. So I always have like this. I don't know if affinity is the right word but I root on people that are of Middle Eastern descent when they're playing because it's such a small minority, right? So like Is, basically, collect a collective of a bunch of Middle Eastern people. I don't know anybody like anybody that plays from Saudi Arabia I duNno Saudi Arabia even recognize owed to. Strange. So. So this tournament just to be clear is for Saudi. Arabian players only. Yeah. It's not for the Middle East in general and just called the Saudi Arabian leak. Like it doesn't. Article that we've read what the limitations are for entry. Does five, hundred thousand dollars professional teams of Saudi Arabia region region. Was the Saudi Arabia region as an Saudi Arabia or The middle region maybe it's a sad writing I don't know it. So it could mean a multiple think if it's Middle Eastern, they would have said Middle Eastern. But if it's Saudi Arabian, it could it could mean like some of the countries like around like you know like, Yemen or like Dubai, for example, is probably the most popular eastport area in that region. but I believe five hundred thousand dollars is split between Doda and two other games that they haven't announced yet. But either way that's a shit ton of money Fika? I think is one of them actually. But really out of nowhere. And very interesting. I'M GONNA keep my eye on this one for sure. So it says eight best professional teams of Saudi Arabia region will be competing in the first tournament of the event. So I'm guessing that's And Those eight teams of Saudi Arabia, who are they? What are the best teams in Saudi Arabia? Doda. If United Radio in players, there's not. Yeah I mean it's definitely not a top tier tournament by any means, but is it even to your three? No there's. Player quality I know. I'm trying to think about their some players that might be Saudi Arabia that actually immortal but I'm not sure if they are. I don't think so. It really doesn't sound familiar. So. You'd know better than me. But I've never heard of even one team being Saudi Arabian before so. Question is if these professional teams of Saudi Arabia are allowed to take place from the other regions? That's what I'm looking at here because I know quite a few players from the Middle East that are very high Mr. so if it wasn't Saudi only, you could see some familiar faces in this tournament like for example, offer Moosh or manage or of course. Some of the players from `Nigma if they got into this Yeah. But considering `Nigma haven't announced anything about it. We're going to they're not playing it either because they didn't choose to or because they weren't allowed to I want to say the country that's produced the most players that I've consistently heard of his Jordan would you agree with that from the middle of? The most players you've heard about yeah, which does China, but I don't know if the Middle East Oh. Yeah. For sure I Jordan is the hot spot forever, and that's not that far from Saudi. Arabia? So Yeah. So who who have you heard from Jordan? Miracle. Is One. WHO's the other guy? Might just two people honestly I yep. Sore and maybe there's words we're actually. But even three would be more than any other middle. Eastern. Region because what is G. H. is Lebanon. Lebanese and then. We is. Between Syrian Romanian I consider him Syrian but I know he doesn't because I actually didn't know I thought he was just Flat out the first time I talked with him. I knew he was Middle Eastern right away. Is based on his accent. But, yeah. But yeah, it's really cool to have players in that region and We'll see what the future holds. This is out of nowhere. So I don't know how to react honestly. No, it's been so little promoted. The fact that this article came out after the tournament began it's Kinda. Interesting I, don't know that's true. I forgot it was even October now Jesus. Yeah. The. Going in some capacity, but we just don't know the stretcher.

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