Wisconsin activates field hospital as COVID-19 hospitalizations hit a record high

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President trump is back on the campaign trail telling supporters. He feels better than ever and that he's recovered from coronavirus. Had IT. Who is had it here? WHO's had? A lot of people a lot of people. You're the people I wanNA say hello to because you're right now immune. Year right now of you or they say that you know a tens of thousands of Americans are still being diagnosed new cases top forty, one, thousand, a day and infections are on the rise in more than thirty states. Oklahoma City reported there are no ICU beds available yesterday the city extending its mask mandate until the end of the year other hotspots Utah where a field hospital is on standby for six counties including Salt Lake City and Wisconsin where hospitalizations have nearly tripled in the past month ABC Stephanie Ramos is in Wisconsin and Milwaukee Stephanie you're on the ground their cases were already going up what's causing this surge in record number of deaths there. Michelle what I'm hearing from doctors here in Milwaukee is that there's this perfect storm of factors resulting arise in Kobe cases here certainly will resume now is no longer college in university spread as really the focus it's clearly community spread. It's pretty much all parts of Wisconsin at this community spread, and then there's the colder weather that's pushing people indoors where transmission rate is higher, but there's a cycle to this virus but bars in. Some parts of the state were just crammed people state Senator Mark Miller saw the images of people taking advantage of the end of Wisconsin Safe Red home extension people listen restrictions, Kobe rates spike, and then restrictions are put back in place else officials say masks can slow the spread of Cova even though the numbers are soaring while the current mass order is in place largely some say because too many people aren't wearing them so. What we're seeing now is kind of what doctors here expected they're worried, and this is why a field hospital has been set up here in Milwaukee. Because of the spike in hospitalizations they need, they need an extra place to tend to these covert patients that's opening up today or different now than. Before the. We've left on our Gar one doctor. Put it. This way Wisconsin is in a state of crisis right now, it's not just up to the institutions, but it's up to the individual and we know that wearing a mask. So distancing that's where it's at right now because there is not a vaccine comes also as major companies working on potential vaccines and treatments have pressed the pause button Johnson and Johnson temporarily halted a late stage study due to an unexplained illness in one volunteer, and now ally Lily announcing its positive phase three trial for its antibody treatment. How come. Well there's a potential for for safety concern that's why they've pause to this antibody trial treatment So it's it's a setback especially since as you mentioned, Johnson. Johnson. Paul's thereby axiom file when a ball in tear became sick. And Astra, Zeneca doing the same Madonna and Pfizer are still on track and we have to keep in mind even though it may be discouraging to hear that Another drugmaker or vaccine maker has put their trials on hold. We have to remember that doctor say these kinds of developments are common when it comes to clinical trials.

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