Broncos running back Melvin Gordon cited for DUI


Melvin Gordon just got a Dui did and the Patriots may or may not have cam. Newton. So good luck job go ahead. Yeah. Let's. Let's start with the broncos because the story for the broncos. A number one is we'll drew lock play that's number one but the story for the broncos. was going to be what would the rotation look like with Melvin Gordon and Philip Lindsey now, the question becomes is Vic Fangio going to discipline Melvin Gordon. Normally the NFL waits until the investigation is over to hand out discipline for things like that but that doesn't prevent the team from doing so so let's see if it does Melvin Gordon get benched as you know the old college coach thing he said a quarter you know does he sit a half does exhibit game I don't know that's something we're going to have to research this week so I would bump up personally Philip Lindsay on my personal depth chart if I had him just on the hunch that big could move on. And and. Put Melvin disciplined him. Somehow they're not gonNA cut him but like disciplined him somehow.

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