Yeah, Fivethirtyeight had ah this morning and 91% chance.


Very focused on important now Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, also facing a tough reelection campaign, though I believe he is still slightly ahead in the polls, but No, That's the state that he's typically one pretty handily, and now he's even facing a challenge at least this time around. Yeah, a Mark Millar with us, Or maybe see news. You know, I was looking at the mail in ballots in about the Talis, six of the top 12 states here and start the were the states for the balance of process right upon getting them or Arizona. So on Election night will know who wins Arizona for sure. Right? Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada. So Georgia, North Carolina, those we're going to know that night. So if if early on we see that Biden's winning In Arizona and North Carolina. That's going to portend bad things. And so a week before Election Day, Ohio, Texas and Florida counts So they should have them. They start counting a week before Florida's promised that on election night, they'll have more counted. And,

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