Philadelphia Eagles looking forward to facing Pittsburgh Steelers with fans in the stands


The Eagles will play in front of fans. Even though probably most of them will be voting for the Steelers, Heywood, overuse and bank, it explains. The Steelers will allow a limited amount of fans in the stands when they face the Eagles quarterback Darius Slay says. Even though the fans will be rooting against his team, he'll be happy to hear the noise in the stadium. I might get a little more exciting, not hear Abou call like a boon for the first time When I run out of town, I might be excited. You know what it might be boot? I'm like, just like yes, you know, uh, a great man a great play in front of some fans. Doug Peters. It is also happy. The Steelers will have fans of the game and hopes it won't be long before fans will be allowed back in the link is positive. We're excited that you know it is getting closer to maybe having fans even even here. The link. But But having fans you know at Heinz Field is gonna be. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be great for both teams. Approximately 5500 fans will be allowed to attend Sunday's game I'm Ed Bank in K Y W news radio.

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