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Hi Paul this is Andrew in today is National Day. Now my first thought this day is in honor of Pucks Itani Phil, but then are moles and ground hogs, the same underground inhabitant. Or could it be honoring one of the greatest land air battles of all time went to bias the mole attack tiny town in Rocketeer George Michael saved the day on arrested development. Now. I know Netflix puts it Tada on everything but did they also put their stamp on National Day? I look forward to you sending me straight Paul. I Fan true according to the Internet malls in groundhogs are often lumped together in discussions regarding wildlife problems that result in turn up damaged landscaping. This is because they both utilized tunnel systems and caused damage to plants, roots, and beautiful lawns but that is where the similarity ends, but I severely digress. Today. October twenty third is national. Mall Day which has nothing to do with furry creatures. Today's all about chemistry specifically avocados number, which is the number of particles in one mole of substance the numbers approximately six point zero, two times ten to the twenty third. Get it ten, twenty, three. If you WANNA learn how to celebrate this day. Look no further than the lab out loud podcast were in one episode they discuss mold day and how they have celebrated it. You could also research Amadeo Gaudreau and put out a social media post using the National Mall. Day, Hashtag. My guest today is Andrew. Geary. Andrew is the host of the seismic sound all podcast now prepare yourself for a second seismic sound off episodes our in depth conversations in applied geophysics intimidated yet. Luckily, for you, I asked Andrew. Where someone like me who try to cheat his way through high school science classes could start. He wrote back the following and I quote our episodes tend to range from various associations, specific highlighting our annual conference to broad scientific subjects, addressing racism and geosciences. But the best place generally to start is our episodes focused on humanitarian projects we manage here is one looking at building a canal Peru that's a good start. Unquote. For Third Recommendation Andrew Sticks with science and recommends an episode from the Your Day podcast called what whales on nine eleven. While many of us reeling from the terrorist attacks in the United States something very unique was happening underwater. For today's extra all's I'll let you decide if you would prefer watching Netflix's with Andrew or May. We, have had A. Exchange about the German show dark. I loved it but punted few episodes into season three because it was just too confusing. Andrew has tried to me to keep going but remember his brain works a lot better than mine. But one thing should be said, it seems we both are big fans of the blue family. Come back on October thirtieth for maybe one of the most divisive pieces of candy ever.

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