Jon Grudens Raiders and Tom Bradys Bucs: A Special Relationship

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Paul duty as I have a question for you where are you right now? I am in an RV at an RV park in Las Vegas and barring my mom and dad's RV while I'm here covering the now Las Vegas Raiders Paul Gutierrez not only covers the raiders for ESPN. He's written a book about Raiders Fandom and followed the team Vegas kind of living like. A little bit. Paul I of about fifty fall of questions about what life in that our views like. But it does feel like the ability to pick up and react to sudden schedule changes is especially important to covering the raiders these days starting with what's happening right now, we are talking on Thursday evening ahead of this highly anticipated raiders game, and there is a Kovic scenario that you've been covering in depth so. What do we know about the game schedule? What do we know about who's playing or who is not playing? Basically, what has happened is is right tackle. Trent Brown tested positive for covert. Now as part of the protocols here anybody who's deemed a high risk contact with him has to self isolate for at least five days plus one which would be the. Last point of contact, which was practice on Monday they are all there. They were all there together It's the raiders entire starting offensive line, plus let's just throw safety Jonathan Abram in there as well. So man, all of those guys were just placed on the covid nineteen list again doesn't mean any of them tested positive. I was actually told that none of them. But as part of the protocols they have to selfies late for five days. Another other source told me that they've been doing virtual preparation. In case they can indeed get cleared play against the buccaneers in the meanwhile, it was supposed to be a big Sunday night football game. Yes. The League wanted to make sure that that game actually happens. So they bumped the raiders out of their move Seattle in Arizona into that spot. So a game will happen well, guess what if you guys I just mentioned you consistently Test negative on their Cova test the rest of the week and then again Sunday. Morning will then they'll be cleared to play. But at what time? Sunday morning Oh. Yeah. kickoffs at one o'clock. So the backstory all that as well. I gotTA catch my breath here when I started figure this out understandably. Yeah. They on their fifty three man roster. They currently have five backup offensive lineman. That's WHO's been trodden. They've been trying out there in practice every day. That's who Derek Carr has been had protecting him. That's who Josh Jacobs has been trying to run holes through those five guys plus they also have two guys on the practice squad that they could suit up if need be. So as we sit here right now on on Thursday late afternoon the raiders starting offensive line is anchored by Andre James and if you need to know who that is I got a couple of media guides for you can look about. Paul Creek me. If I'm wrong here, but I believe this is the very first case of an entire position group being taken down by cove like I know that we've had players here and there. You put on this list but in terms of the magnitude of what the raiders are facing with the offensive line, this feels extreme. Yeah. An and it's part of the protocol. Really. Because only one guy really has tested positive but it's out of the abundance of caution which we've heard a lot of since since the pandemic hit right you've got to self isolate you gotta make sure you don't test positive or show any symptoms, and even if you don't show any symptoms, still self isolate because you could be symptomatic. It's just very bizarre. It's a strange world we're living in Derek Carr said this week that you know he's been with the team for seven years seen a lot of weird things. He's this is the weirdest thing he's ever seen and it's worth noting like weird is by no means foreign to this organization even within this context I mean, I still need help Paul disentangling what exactly happened for instance with Jon Gruden their head coach who took an approach to corona virus with the team earlier this year that had me confused the media confused, and then ultimately Jon Gruden himself pretty angry at everybody. Yeah. So beginning at Camp, we show up in a media member. We have to test every day just to get in I have fifty two on my belt. All negative so far, which is a good thing Jon gruden passes out t shirts to the media with there waiting for us as we walk in the media room that say crush the virus because I was going to be his mantra he took issue with the NFL network reporting that he faked having the virus but yet kind of just went away then on the home opener on. Monday night football when he later would get fine for not wearing his mask properly, he brings it up himself and says that he never faked the virus it as a matter of fact, he did have it. So he talked about just how it was not fun. It made him feel bad and this is all before training camp. When he said he he went through this and beat it in in that. He has the utmost respect for it and he still wants to crush it in beat it into the ground like it was some sort of opponent.

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