Censorship, political interference, and COVID-19 chaos - should scientists take a position in USA Election?


Holden thought the Journal. Science. Can't endorse the candidate because of the nonprofit status of you publish the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Now, that hasn't stopped you. From thirty seven condemning the trump administration in your editorials and new gather have been told by some raiders to stick to the science. So I wonder how you say that Lonnrot now between scientists such as yourself staying. Staying a-political all stepping into the political fry with with public statements scientific American was was working on these things for so large deserves a lot of credit for for leading them. They're like her I communicated with Eric Rueben when the New England Journal made their statement I sent him an email and said welcome to Thunderdome. and. Laura said you know it's nice to have them in the fray with us. Yeah. You know. I didn't get into editing Major Big Time, Science Journal in order to become a angry liberal columnist. But that is how it ended up playing out because I think the as as Laura said. particularly. On Kobe, the rhetoric of of trump and the actions of the administration have just been so dangerous and so denigrating to science that you know back in. March, when I wrote the first one of these was what turns out to be a pretty auspicious time because it's around the same time he was talking to Bob Woodward but he tweeted code was just the flu. And then he had a meeting with pharmaceutical executives who are working on the vaccines and said, do me a favor speeded up And those two things I, felt were both agree just in different ways one was. Spreading misinformation that was dangerous and the other was. Not Having enough respect for science that he thinks he had to tell. People working at the bench in the middle of crisis, they need to speed it up and somehow his extroverted exhortation was going to accelerate it. And we realize that there were a lot of our readers who wanted their journal. To speak up, for them. You know now we're saying this. Movement where most of our peers are in the conversation to the extent that they candy and in my opinion that's certainly a good thing for now. and. It probably is a good thing. Even when we get past all of this because there are a lot of things where science has not spoken out over the years that we're paying the price for now, for example, to really smart historians named Turner and Eisenberg who wrote a book called the Republican. Reversal and they wrote an editorial for us on the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day just a few months ago. And what does guys lay out? Is the fact that A lot of our very best. Environmental and public health regulation was passed and signed during the Nixon administration with strong bipartisan support. The Environmental Protection Agency was created aimed at eight under President Richard Nixon and Republican Republicans, before one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty were very big on the environment. And then in one thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty Ronald Reagan. started. Insisting on allowing people to teach creation in public schools and Running against the environment and the data unfortunately from polling and political analysis suggested that was a productive strategy and and it was and scientists I.

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