#188Jerry Siegel - burst 2


With to expand those ideas. So a lot of the things that I feel connected to I, feel from Jerry's writing. Also, one of the big things was just listening. To. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT JERRY And Pushes feeling. He's he's from Ohio. I live in Ohio and I feel a connection. With just the way my mind works and. Things kind of dream up and. Dream about and I don't think people recognize how important Jerry is to comic books in general. Without Jerry. ANDRO. You wouldn't get to marvel you get Stanley. And I don't think Jerry. Jones, enough appreciation brought they've come contributed. Are also referenced. So this year. I finished I read super voice. Great Great Book bought it on Amazon check it out. I also there's a special that was on AMC. By. Watches AMC and I've bought this and I re watched it and it's it is a great. Thirty minute quick documentary. If. You don't have a lot of time and. You're just like, I wanNA I. WanNa. Learn about. You know the struggles that Jerry Jones had. This is great. Quick. Way of doing. So and it's called Robert Kirkman secret history of comment. Came out in two, thousand, seventeen episode three. It's called the trial of Superman. And I just check it out I mean. It is. You won't be disappointed. That's all I'm GONNA say like. Is Amazing. Everything is just check it out and I'm. You? Know Just go get it. It's a buck ninety, nine on itunes if you get the standard definition, you know. I also follow on. facebook. The Jerry in Joseph's

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