12-Year-Old Queens New York Boy, 7-Year-Old Cousin Found Safe After Taking Parents’ SUV On Joyride To Delaware Border


Joyride. 12 year old boy from Queens. New York is okay and so is the seven year old cousin. He brought along with him on a drive from his home to the Delaware border. You took the wheel of his parents Range Rover and police were able to track him with the vehicles. EZ Pass, He stopped one summer, five hour trip to buy cookies with his dad's credit card. These people live near the family that's very brave to even get on a car and 12. Everyone gets the temptation at that that age. age. Do Do something something crazy. crazy. Just Just hope hope is is apparent apparent that that they they don't don't hurt hurt themselves. themselves. Everyone Everyone else else it's it's thought thought of of Social Social Media Media challenge challenge prompted prompted the the excursion. excursion. Police Police say say there there will will be be no no charges. charges. Steve Steve Case and CBS News Old boy

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