Where the Trump campaign and Republicans' election-related lawsuits stand


Looking good for President Trump and the transition as I mentioned we're now today two full weeks post Election Day in America. There are 17 lawsuits and six states somewhere saddled. Others were dropped. I think one or two or dismissed, eight are pending and all but well, Here's a Here's a quick read on this. All but one are long shots, according to experts and legal analyst law, scholar stuff like that, whether you want to believe them, that's up to you. One that has the most merit right now is one that the Supreme Court is debating, and that Pennsylvania legally allowed belt to be accepted for three days after the election day. So Trump has a really good shot the same experts eight winning this, but here's the problem. The gap is about 10,000 votes. Okay, so he's 10,000 votes in that pool That came in three days after the election, So let's say he wins all time 1000 votes which is unlikely, right? I would imagine a lot of those could be buying votes. So give me 10,000 fine. He lost Pennsylvania by 55,000 votes. It's not going to change the outcome of the election. No matter how much you want, ignore the facts and He has to have Pennsylvania plus 18 more electoral votes. The campaign. Thanks. Michigan is probably maybe in play with 16 electoral votes, but he lost by what 150,000 votes there. How are you going to swing this? If he could win. He still needs one more state. He's gotta win Pennsylvania. They gotta take that back. He's gotta take Michigan back, and then we need one more state. On top of that. Where do you get? Where do you come up with this? I'm just trying to see a path. The victory here and I have not seen it since. Bubbly a week and week and a half ago. It's looking less likely now. And yet there's a lot of folks, maybe you that are holding out hope that this thing's rigged and it's fixed and all that, and I I don't see it. I don't see how you get a path there. It doesn't mean that's you want him to lose, but it's pretty clear he's lost. And let's let's okay. So let's say you get Pennsylvania. You get Michigan. I don't know how you're gonna. There's a real part about that, too, is you know the math? He's gotta flip what 38 electoral votes to get to suit to 70. So it's Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona. No matter what the state it's one of two problems. Here's the real problems with us. First of all, you gotta prove fraud, which they really aren't widespread fraud. They you can't prove that And neither asked the ask. They're asking the courts right now either won't given enough votes as the case in Michigan to win that state or The ask is so big with little or no proof no court in the world is going to disenfranchise those who voted. It's just it's simply not gonna happen. You going to throw it all out? The problem is that even if you could prove some level of fraud, what's the solution there? What's what they called the legal remedy. Um, if you want me through it all up, and then you'd be disenfranchising Biden voters, which would they be denied the same equal protection you're looking for so it just it doesn't work. It's not about it's not about whether was fraud. This is about The idea that that somehow The election was stolen. I don't know what you come up with a fraud angle on this. I mean, it all sounds good. When you start examining the fax it just It doesn't work that way. No matter how much you wanted to. How do you get the 38 electoral votes if you're to 70 right now. T get 2 to 70. I guess I should say What's interesting, too is is finding that other state right OK, so Wisconsin, Georgia. They're doing recounts right now. Andhra history, the most you'll see is a swing of a few 100 votes. So Trump trails him by by something like 10,000 votes in Georgia. Right now in 20,000, Wisconsin. I don't think you're gonna flip Wisconsin. But let's look at the closer one. Georgia 10,000. Well, they just this just broke by the way they found 2600 uncounted ballots during the recount in Georgia. Okay, That's 2600. Not all of those are going to go. Trump's late, But if if it does you still lose by 8000 votes. So what? Away at recount where you've seen tens of thousands of votes swing in the other direction. You haven't and what would make us think that all of a sudden and 2020. This is the year where that's going to occur. You can't You know, at some point, you look at it and go, man. It's it's over. It's done. You gotta flip Pennsylvania. You gotta flip probably Michigan, and then you got one more state on top of it. It just the odds of that happening. It's simply impossible at this point. No matter how much people complain and moan about it, it's it's what it is. And how even Arizona, right Where's the fraud? There? They dropped. I believe they drop their case in Maricopa County last week. On deck courts have shot him down, left and right. And even so much So, you know Sam with Georgia but Republican Arizona. You've got a Republican attorney general there, said, Listen, there's no evidence of fraud whatsoever. You wouldn't think that the Republican attorney general If there was any sniff of fraud would root that out and make a case to try and swing Arizona to trump because he's a Republican. And yet that's not the case. But if you're buying a conspiracy theory now, this is what I love about conspiracy. There's because you just keep digging a hole. Well, that's because the Republicans are in on it. Wait a minute. What? So the Republicans don't want their guy to win? Yeah, that's it. You can't prove that, but I can't disprove it. Which is the magic of conspiracy theories. But it does make you sound bad poop and saying Look, it's done. It's over. Trump lost the election. Now the real dumpster fires going to begin because he's out of office, and I said Trump on office is gonna be a hell of a lot more interesting than Trump in office. If he does a media network, which is really difficult to do, but I think he'd probably be a lot more pied a lot more juice doing that. Talking about running in 2024. He probably won't because he e. I don't think is ego allowed toe even think about losing a 2nd 2nd time around. And he'll just He'll nominate Tiger Hill feel anoint someone else to to say this is the guy that embodies my values, Beliefs and ideals. This is the person you should vote for us. We were in 2024, but right now I don't know what people are crying about the election of being thrown and rigged, and there's just there's no proof of it whatsoever. At some point we do have to move forward.

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